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Baroness Masham, a Paralympian and the longest-serving female member of the House of Lords, died on March 12 at the age of 87.

Lady Masham, born Susan Sinclair, became a wheelchair user after sustaining a spinal cord injury in a horse riding accident in 1958. Two years later, she won a gold medal in the 25m breaststroke at the Paralympics in Rome, and in 1964 she won another in the women’s doubles table tennis in Tokyo. She earned another six silver and two bronze medals in both sports in the three games in which she competed.

In 1976, she was the subject of an episode of This Is Your Life. She sat as an MP and spent a total of 53 years in the House of Lords, more than any other woman in history. She established the Spinal Cord Injury Association to address the lack of specialized care or counseling available to the newly injured and served as its president until her death. The association described Lady Masham as “the reason we have been able to advocate, fight, serve, and support thousands of people with spinal cord injuries since.” Our condolences go out to her family at this sad time,” she said. Lady Masham was also part of several All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs), including those dealing with tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS, and malaria globally. The APPG on TB Global said she had been “one of parliament’s most vocal advocates for disability rights and has worked tirelessly to advocate for people around the world living with TB and HIV.” Baroness Masham’s remarkable life serves as a testament to her compassion and dedication. She will be greatly missed by all,” she said.

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Baroness Masham was 87 years old.

Baroness Masham Cause of Death

Lady Masham won medals in swimming and table tennis at 1960, 1964, and 1968 games and was named a life partner in 1970. She spent much of her career campaigning for the rights of people with disabilities. The Spine Injury Association, which she founded in 1974, said she was “devastated to lose our greatest champion.”She died peacefully at Northallerton hospital, Yorkshire, on Sunday, she said.

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