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Barbera Minns, a nightmare neighbor who killed a couple’s plants and made foul-mouthed threats as part of a seven-year harassment campaign escaped jail for violating a restraining order, the court heard.

Barbera Minns, 76, terrorised Adele Richards and Gary Authors on multiple occasions during a reign of terror that included various nuisance actions and an attempt to poison their cat with rat poison. The couple claimed Minns hurled dog excrement on their property, blasted loud music, sprayed Ms. Richards with a hose while carrying a knife, and damaged their plants with weedkiller, according to a harassment journal they kept. Minns had already received a restraining order and had to wear an electronic tag as a result of her behavior.

However, she was back in Truro Crown Court on Friday for four breaches of the restraining order. The pensioner admitted breaching the order and was given a six-month suspended sentence for her latest offending. The judge said at her hearing that Minns’ complex needs should be addressed by adult social care teams in the community. Cameras were installed at the couple’s home in Falmouth, Cornwall, to record Minns’ behavior, leading to her eventual conviction in 2018 where she was given a 36-week suspended sentence.

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Barbera Minns Age

Barbera Minns is 76 years old.

Couple was terrorized by a neighbour from hell who sprayed them with a hose and trampled plants

A restraining order was previously made against Minns and revised last year and she was forced to wear an electronic tag and put under a curfew. She was also made the subject of a restraining order preventing her from contacting the couple or entering their property. But Truro Crown Court heard how the order hadn’t dissuaded the loutish pensioner who continued to terrorize her neighbours. Her campaign against the couple included chucking stones at their vehicles and an assault on Mr. Authers by beating him on May 22 last year.

Over the years, Ms. Richards and Mr. Authers have collected photographic evidence of vandalism and other intimidating behavior, including when Minns attempted to poison their cats. Other threats have included ‘I’ll cut your bloody head off’ and a hose being fired into their bathroom window as well as regularly standing and staring at the property. In a victim’s statement read out in court in February, Ms. Richards said the cost to their lives has been immeasurable. She said: ‘We feel extremely frustrated and anxious, we are constantly on edge because Minns is unpredictable. ‘We live in fear as to what Minns may do next and what she has proved to be capable of because of previous incidents.’

In the statement, Ms. Richards added that she wasn’t sure how much more they could take. Speaking previously, she also said the years of abuse she and Mr. Authers suffered had left her in a constant state of fear. She said: ‘It has been hell.’ Speaking previously, Minns denied she had done anything wrong and added: ‘It is the biggest load of rubbish. I’ve been bullied. Anybody who knows me knows I’m nothing like that. ‘I’m normally very gentle, kind.’She has since admitted breaching the order on four occasions between July 11, 2022, and April 3 this year and was given a six-month suspended sentence.

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