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Bam Margera Wiki – Bio

Bam Margera was arrested after allegedly causing a scene at a restaurant where his ex-wife, Nicole Boyd, and their 5-year-old son, Phoenix, were eating. Bam Margera’s recent arrest for public intoxication has led his wife, Nikki Margera, to consider seeking legal protection against him. She is reportedly considering filing a restraining order to ensure the safety of him and her five-year-old son, Phoenix.

Nikki expressed her concern about the incident on Wednesday, saying: “It was scary for me and even scarier for Phoenix. She was also sorry that the incident was an ’embarrassing’, as “the visit Bam had with Phoenix the day before in Hollywood reasonably well.” Nikki claims that Bam came to their meeting drunk and belligerent. back,” Nikki told the news outlet.

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Bam Margera Age

Bam Margera was 43 years old.

Bam Margera Screams At Estranged Wife, Child Just Before Public Intoxication Arrest

Nikki’s lawyer, David Glass, confirmed to the station that they have been trying to work with Bam to arrange regular visits, but that this is contingent on Bam staying sober and treating Nikki with respect, which has not been happening. As previously reported, Bam was arrested for public intoxication outside a Thai restaurant in Burbank, and video footage appears to show him yelling at Nikki and expressing frustration at not spending enough time with his son. In addition to his recent arrest for public intoxication, Bam was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of assaulting her current girlfriend by kicking her during a domestic violence altercation.

He was released the next day after posting $50,000 bail, according to reports. After these incidents, Margera’s wife, Nikki Boyd, had to “make the difficult decision” to seek legal protection against him to ensure the safety of her and her son, Phoenix. physical custody of Phoenix and child support. In response to these legal proceedings, Margera had her son’s name tattooed in Arabic above her eyebrow and flaunted it on Instagram.

Bam Margera has faced several legal and personal problems in recent years, including battling addiction. She has been in and out of court-ordered rehab facilities and has gotten into legal trouble multiple times. In 2022, Margera was ordered to attend a rehab facility but she reportedly ran away more than three times. Eventually, she was transferred to an outpatient program, but a few days later he was discovered in a pub. Amid Margera’s ongoing battle with addiction, his friend and former ‘Jackass’ co-star Steve-O publicly pleaded with him to “choose recovery,” as reported by Page Six. However, given the previous incidents, Boyd’s legal team is still seeking a restraining order to ensure the safety of his client and her son.

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