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Badr Alhadidi and Dhari Alshammari Wiki – Badr Alhadidi and Dhari Alshammari Biography

Badr Alhadidi and Dhari Alshammari, a pair of evil thugs who kidnapped two women they met at a nightclub before dragging them back to a property where they raped one of them, are facing jail time. Badr Alhadidi, 39, and Dhari Alshammari, 27, were found guilty of kidnapping, while Alshammari was also found guilty of rape after a trial at Isleworth Crown Court. Badr Alhadidi, 39, and Dhari Alshammari, 27, attacked the women at a nightclub in Vauxhall, London, where they were approached on the dance floor. Alshammari then poured vodka into glasses for the women while Alhadidi waited for them outside the baths. A court heard how the four left the club around 6 a.m. After taking them to an address in Kensington, CCTV footage showed Alshammari dragging one of the victims across the pavement. Both women were forced through a door where they collapsed.

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Badr Alhadidi, 39, and Dhari Alshammari, 27, years old.

Victims reported the incident to the police

Inside the property, Alshammari raped one of the women before going to a nearby McDonald’s to order food on his way back to Wandsworth. Later that morning, Alhadidi, from Birmingham, drove the woman to a petrol station in another part of London and dropped them off. The women were seen on CCTV falling and falling in traffic while still drunk on their way home. One of the victims reported the incident to the police but she did not remember part of the night. She said that she remembered being pinned down in a car and sexually assaulted in a room. After analyzing the CCTV footage, the police were able to identify and arrest the two men a couple of days later. When the men were shown the footage in their interviews with police, they both laughed, maintaining that both whistleblowers were sober and pampered.

Alshammari was charged with kidnapping and one count of rape and found guilty on both counts. Alhadidi was found guilty of kidnapping but acquitted of three counts of rape and sexual assault by penetration. Both men will be sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court on May 26. Detective Constable Tony Larkin, who led the investigation, said: ‘Alhadidi and Alshammari are two predators who set out that night with a single sinister purpose in mind. “They had a clear plan for how they were going to attack the victim-survivors and they thought they could get away with it. They have shown no remorse and have no idea how much damage and anguish they have caused. “The CCTV footage reviewed as part of our investigation was heartbreaking, showing real violence and monstrous treatment of victim-survivors. “I would like to thank the victim-survivors for coming forward and reporting this to the police, they have been extremely brave. “No matter when someone decides to report a rape or sexual assault, detectives will always listen and support them.”

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