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Bacardi Ogarro, 18, the neighbours of a Tik Tok user behind a series of vile pranks have described how he has made their lives ‘hell’ and waged a ‘campaign of terror,’ which has left many of them too afraid to leave their homes.

Tiktoker Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, 18, from Stoke Newington, north London, who goes by the name ‘Mizzy’, prompted disgust last week when he stormed into the home of a random family with a group of other young men. It is just one of a series of sick videos he has made in an attempt to become a social media star. The teenager’s antics include filming himself stealing an elderly woman’s dog, which left her visibly distressed; rushing up to women and asking them if they ‘want to die;’ knocking local residents off their bikes and riding off on them and jumping into or onto their cars. Stoke Newington is home to a large orthodox Jewish community, many of whom have been targeted by Mr O’Garro in his videos. Earlier this year, he was arrested for harassing local Orthodox Jews, with one video showing him approaching a man at a bus stop before putting his hands over his victim’s shoulders and attempting a leapfrog.

In a second video, he could be seen cycling while wearing a traditional hat and saying: ‘Guys I’m a f*****g Jew.’ As anger over his videos increased, Mr O’Garro was arrested by police earlier this week and appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court today on a charge of failing to comply with a Community Protection Order, which was imposed earlier this year following some of his previous Tik Tok videos. But locals in the area where he lives demanded stricter punishment and that he be locked up or banned from returning to the neighbourhood because he had made their lives ‘hell.’

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Bacardi Ogarro is 18 years old.

Bacardi Ogarro Arrested, Know Everything

Mr O’Garro lives in a top-floor flat of a shabby house located along a wide, leafy road in Stoke Newington with his mother Donna. Joanne, who did not want to give her last name said: ‘I’ve known Bacari all his life and since he got into Tik Tok he’s been nothing but trouble. There are lots of people around here who’ve been harassed by him in his videos. He’s burst into people’s homes, stolen their shopping or knocked them off their bikes.

The police are always going to his house but so far they’ve not been able to stop him. The boy is a nightmare, this is a lovely area, but he’s ruined it for many of us. He needs to be kept away from here for our safety.’ Francis, another neighbour, cried: ‘We’ve had enough of Bacari, he needs to be excluded from this area.

18-year-old “TikTok prankster” is charged

‘A Community Protection Order is not enough because he can’t be trusted to behave himself. He might think he’s being funny but he’s ruining our lives. Bacari is a Tik Tok terror and a waste of space. Everybody around here knows what he’s like. Lots of people are too afraid to go out and when they do, are always looking over their shoulders for Bacari and his mates. Nobody has got a good word to say about him. We’re sick and tired of his stupid behaviour and these videos he makes.’ All the neighbours spoken to by MailOnline said that they were too afraid to give their full names or be photographed and claimed that Mr O’Garro was part of a larger group of well-known teenagers who help him make his videos. Ahmed, who lives along the same road as him said: ‘There’s a whole gang of them and they’re all useless idiots who take a lot of pride in scaring us locals. You never know what they’re going to do next, and many people are too afraid to go out or confront them.

‘These kids think they’re being funny but they’re just a bunch of morons who cause a lot of distress. They should all be locked up.’ Members of the local orthodox Jewish community, one of the largest in the country claimed that they felt deliberately targeted by Mr O’Garro, who is well known to them. Amos Cohen told MailOnline: ‘Bacari is a waste of space. We all know who he is, and we avoid him. He’s done a lot of horrible things to the Jewish community and made fun of us. ‘It’s just a matter of time before somebody stands up to him and knocks him out but really, the police should do all that they can make sure he’s stopped.’

Mickey, another local resident revealed how Mr O’Garro had stolen a traditional hat worn by Jewish men from a relative of his. He added: ‘Bacari is a menace. If he doesn’t stop, he should be made to leave the area. We all know who he is and none of us like him. All social media channels should ban him, and the courts should lock him up. He’s distressing a lot of people, and this can’t continue.’ Mr O’Garro’s TikTok account has been taken down. His YouTube, which has nearly 39,000 subscribers, has also been deactivated, with a message saying it had breached the platform’s terms of service. In Mr O’Garro’s last video, posted on Monday, he boasted of how his videos had ‘blown up’ since the outrage at his ‘home invasion’ video. And he crowed that criticism of his sick stunts was only helping him by generating more views and engagement.

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