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Austin Goss, a reporter, pled guilty to a misdemeanor on Tuesday for making a hoax phone call using South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s personal phone number. The pre-recorded prank call to Dan Lederman, the former chairman of the South Dakota Republican Party, was orchestrated by Austin Goss.

The reporter used the website PrankDial to make the call appear to be from Noem. According to investigators, during the Jan. 22 prank, a mafia member angrily accused the receiver of stealing vaccination boxes.

“You telling me you didn’t tell Vito you were gonna try to move the three boxes of that AstraZeneca outside this family?” one of the lines said. The call concluded, “You’ve just been pranked by”

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Austin Goss Age

Austin Goss’s age is not mentioned.

Pleads guilty to disorderly conduct

According to Lederman, the audio recording “caused him concern for his safety.” He also claimed Goss “occasionally texted him snide or rude remarks,” according to a police report. Goss was sacked as Dakota News Now’s Capitol bureau correspondent earlier this month after the news outlet discovered out.

After being caught last Thursday, he was first charged with a more serious misdemeanor that could have resulted in a year in prison if convicted. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. On Tuesday, Goss’ attorney described the call as a “practical joke” between his client and a friend.

“The Court granted Mr. Goss a suspended imposition of sentence, so there will be no conviction on his record,” said attorney Jason Glodt in a statement.” I believe it is unfortunate that he was charged in the first place, but I appreciate the willingness of the State’s Attorney to reduce the charge.” Noem’s office stated that it would not comment on the case’s outcome.

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