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Atiq Ahmad and Ashraf Wiki – Atiq Ahmad and Ashraf Biography

Atiq Ahmad and Ashraf were killed, this horrible scene occurred in India when a gangster-turned-politician and his brother were shot in the head by a crazed shooter.

Atiq Ahmad was killed while stopping to speak to the media in the tragic scenes from the state of Uttar Pradesh. At the time of the event, Ahmad, who had more than 100 criminal cases pending against him, was in custody and being taken by police for a court-ordered medical examination. In what is being viewed as an extrajudicial death, his son Asad Ahmad was shot and killed by Uttar Pradesh Police barely two days prior.

When the mobster was asked by journalists why he had not gone to his son’s funeral, he replied that he had been denied permission. However, just then, a gunman crept up behind him, pointed a revolver straight at his head, and shot him once, killing him instantly. The shooter fires several rounds at Atiq as he falls to the ground.

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Atiq Ahmad was 60 years old.

Killings of Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf in Uttar Pradesh

His brother Ashraf, who had a similar criminal history to his cousin, was later killed by two other shooters. In the hail of gunfire, a police officer and a journalist are also said to have been hurt. As they are being apprehended by police, the assailants can be heard yelling “Surrender” and the Hindu god Jai Sree Ram in the midst of the gunfire. Following the attack, a police commissioner reported that all three gunmen had been detained in three different police stations throughout the city.

A judicial panel has also been appointed by the government of Uttar Pradesh to investigate the attack. A larger police presence has been established, and they are currently marching on foot through the city.

Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the state where the shooting occurred, has been under fire for encouraging “encounters,” a term used in his state to describe extrajudicial killings. He has since established a high-level commission to look into the murder. Adityanath and the governing BJP party have been under fire from opposition lawmakers and human rights advocates for encouraging “anarchy and lawlessness.” What about the safety of the general public when someone can be killed by firing openly amidst the security cordon of the police?”Former state Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav tweeted. “As a result, the public is experiencing a climate of fear, and it appears that some individuals are purposefully fostering this climate.”

In an effort to restore law and order, police have set a hard curfew and are organizing flag marches nearby. While the preliminary investigations are being completed, the three gunmen have been detained at three different police stations.

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