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Ashley Macmillan, a woman in the hard-hit town of Wynne, said her family “prayed and said goodbye” when she hit a tornado, “because we thought we were dead.”

Ashley Macmillan said she, her husband, and her children snuggled with their dogs in the bathroom. A falling tree badly damaged her house, but they were unharmed. Four people died in their small community, located about 100 miles (170 kilometers) east of the Arkansas state capital, Little Rock. We could feel the house shaking, and we could hear loud noises, and dishes rattling. And then everything calmed down,” Macmillan told the AP news agency.

Wynne High School was extensively damaged and some buildings were torn to pieces. One of her teachers, Lisa Worden, said the decision to send students home early was critical. We left at 1:30, which was a great blessing from God for our superintendent because otherwise the kids would have been on the buses and the teachers would still be here. And that would have been even more devastating,” he told Reuters. agency.

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Ashley Macmillan’s age is not mentioned.

White House said

Federal aid has been made available to people in the tornado-ravaged state of Arkansas, the White House said. The state was one of several in the southern and midwestern United States that was hit by a violent storm system over the weekend. At least 29 people have died in all, five of whom were in Arkansas.

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke with President Biden about the devastation in parts of the state on Friday. Destruction reached several states, with deaths reported in Alabama, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Tennessee Tornado Report

Tennessee has had the highest number of deaths, with twelve reported. In Illinois, storms caused a theater roof to collapse at a sold-out heavy metal concert in Belvidere, resulting in one death and 28 injuries. After the storms moved east on Sunday, hundreds of thousands of people were without power in several states.

Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania Tornadoes Report

Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania were the most affected, according to the US website PowerOutage. Severe thunderstorm warnings were in place for parts of Texas on Sunday, with the possibility of “very large hail and multiple tornadoes,” the US government’s National Weather Service said. Thunderstorms are forecast to affect other states as well. The severe weather comes a week after a rare long-track tornado killed 26 people in Mississippi.

Mississippi tornado

The Mississippi tornado last week traveled 59 miles (94 km) and lasted about an hour and 10 minutes, an unusually long period for a storm to sustain. It damaged some 2,000 houses, authorities said. President Biden visited the state on Friday to pay his condolences.

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