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Ashana Studholme, Shaun Pendlebury and Lisa Richardson Wiki – Biography

Shakira Spencer, 35, was allegedly “enslaved” by Ashana Studholme, 38, her lover Shaun Pendlebury, 26, and Lisa Richardson, 44, after falling under their “total control”. The trio are said to have starved the “beautiful” woman from a healthy size 16 to “skin and bones” in a campaign of torture. The Old Bailey heard how Shakira had the skin on her feet burned and was beaten repeatedly before she was murdered in September last year. They then put her in the boot of a red Honda Civic that Pendlebury had lent him from her aunt and took her to her flat in Hanwell, Greater London. Jurors heard her body was dumped in a hallway cupboard and was only discovered when a neighbor saw maggots crawling under the front door. In opening the case today, Allison Hunter, KC, prosecutor, said: “For whatever their unfathomable, cruel and sadistic motive, these three defendants tormented, tortured, starved, burned and eventually beat Shakira Spencer to death.” . In the months before her death, Shakira had fallen under the “total control” of the trio, the prosecutor said.

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Ashana Studholme, 38, Shaun Pendlebury, 26, and Lisa Richardson, 44, years old.

Woman tortured and battered to death by ‘sadistic’ trio

She was isolated from friends and family because her free will “was apparently undermined and stolen.” The defendants allegedly stole her “self-respect and finances” when they took over her apartment and treated Shakira “like a slave.” She was woken up early to clean the trio’s houses and sent on errands to the store. Jurors heard she was only fed ketchup sachets as her weight plummeted and images of her showed her looking “emaciated and emaciated” before her death. The images, taken in an act of “unbelievable depravity,” also showed Shakira “bruised from head to toe and with sunken black eyes,” Hunter said. Jurors heard that Shakira was likely murdered between September 11 and 12. On the night of the 12th, Pendlebury and Studholme carried her battered body back to her apartment and placed ice around her head in a “primitive” attempt to slow decomposition, she said. . At one point, her body was moved to the back of a children’s bunk bed, where it was left to rot, jurors heard. Newspapers were also placed on the floor next to the bed to make it appear that Shakira had been reading and died while she was sleeping, Hunter claimed. The pair then met with Richardson and allegedly “mounted the cleanup operation.”

CCTV captured them buying cleaning supplies and returning to her flat four days later, where her decomposition was said to have been so severe that the defendants “left her there to be found”, the court heard. Hunter said: “Studholme and Richardson used Shakira’s bank and ATM cards at will, for her food, sundries and taxi rides, etc. “But in acts of particularly cruel, inhuman, savage and ironic brutality, they also used to buy the materials. They used to try to remove traces of Shakira’s body fluids and DNA that would reveal the extent and locations of her final beatings and the storage of her barely conscious body in the lead-up to her death.” The cause of death could not be determined, But an autopsy found horrific injuries Shakira had suffered before her death. She had “crushing” injuries where her left ear would have been, lacerations to her scalp and injuries to her left eye socket. The court heard there was an “epidermal breakdown “, consistent with scald,” where the top layer of his skin had been burned. Pendlebury admitted to his mother Michelle Pendlebury and his uncle that he had joined in on this particular attack, it was said. He, Richardson and Studholme deny murder and prevent an illegal burial. The trial continues.

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