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Arin Hankerd, a Florida physical education teacher and soccer coach has been arrested for having sex with a 15-year-old student girl, according to reports.

Arin, a staff member at Atlantic High School in Port Orange, was arrested Sunday after police received a tip about the illicit relationship. The teen’s mother apparently discovered her daughter’s journal where she had written about her relationship with Hankerd and later discovered that he had been sending her inappropriate photos via Instagram, according to an arrest report cited by ClickOrlando. com. The mother had searched for her journal after her daughter “had multiple conversations with her about Arin Hankerd and [she] became suspicious as to why she was talking to him so much,” according to the police report.


Arin Hankerd is 42 years old.

Physical education teacher and soccer coach arrested for allegedly having sexual relations with a student

Hankerd was arrested during a search of his home. He had been teaching the student since August 2022, and their relationship began to get more personal after he began buying the students lunch in December. Things turned sexual between them in January, according to the Daily Mail. Authorities said Hankerd has been at the school for two years and before that he worked at two other local schools, Mainland High School and Father Lopez Catholic High School.

Students’ comments on social media after Arin Hankerd arrested

After his arrest became public, several posters on social media claiming to be students at current and former Hankerd schools alleged rumors of his longstanding misconduct with students.

In a Facebook post, Mainland alumnus Jennifer Lutz wrote: “I told the school when he was being inappropriate with me and they did NOTHING until he got mad and decided to tell them I had a gun in my car (WHICH WAS NOT TRUE) ) and finally got kicked out of his class.

“However, there are no punishments for him for being inappropriate because who thinks that the children are right. I’m glad he finally caught up with it!”

Another former student from the same school, Brooke Ashley Roos, concurred, claiming: “I graduated high school in 2010 and this guy was trouble back then.”

Another commenter alleged that she removed her daughter from a school where Hankerd worked because she was uncomfortable with his behavior.

Hankerd remains behind bars on $115,000 bail and has already tendered his resignation from his teaching position. Volusia County Schools issued a statement Sunday after Hanker d’s arrest announcing that he had been suspended indefinitely. Tonight, Volusia County Schools learned that a teacher at Atlantic High School was arrested for alleged inappropriate behavior with a student,” the district stated. “This teacher has been suspended indefinitely pending the outcome of an investigation.”

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