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Ariel Campbell, a psychotherapist, was found dead in the back seat of her Jeep on Sunday, March 5, after consuming deadly chemicals. The 35-year-old Manhattan woman was found dead in her car, apparently by suicide, but her heartbroken 75-year-old father, who finds it hard to explain, claims he left no note behind, referring to his daughter as “my whole world.”

Ariel Campbell Age

Ariel Campbell was 35 years old.

Death of her mother likely played a role in her apparent suicide

Brandt lime sulfur, commonly used to control pests on plants and fruits, was discovered in Ariel’s passenger seat and combined with an unidentified substance to produce hydrogen sulfide gas, a toxic substance when inhaled. According to devastated father David Campbell, 75, it may have something to do with the death of his mother Elizabeth last year.

Ariel Campbell’s apparent suicide occurred in her Jeep parked at the corner of East 56th Street and Sutton Place, near the East River, one block from the house where she had previously lived with her family. Authorities believe the combination of a number of liquid chemicals discovered in the vehicle, which turned out to be lime sulfur, killed her.

Campbell was raised in wealth. As his LinkedIn page indicates, she attended the exclusive Dalton School before earning a degree in psychology from Cornell College. she then earned his doctorate in psychology from the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, a department of Yeshiva University in New York. Her bio says “licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy with adults, adolescents, and children.” her of all ages, presenting with eating disorders, dysregulation of emotions, interpersonal difficulties, behavioral problems, and general difficulties in coping with the typical stressors of life.”

Ariel’s father, David Campbell, a former CEO of Global Minerals and Metals Corp, believes the death of her mother Elizabeth last year likely played a role in her apparent suicide. “I know that she had a very difficult time dealing with the loss of her mother and I can only imagine that’s what led to this,” Campbell said.

Ariel, a licensed clinical psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, kept her family in the dark about her possible suicide. “He didn’t leave any notes from her in her apartment or with her, so I don’t know a lot about what happened and what’s behind it,” Campbell said. She went on to describe the tragic loss of her, saying, “All I can tell you is that Ariel was my only child.” “My wife and her mother passed away last year, and the two of them were my whole world. And now that her mother was gone, Ariel was my whole world. And now she’s gone. Both my wife and I couldn’t have loved her. . more,” said the father. “And to keep from breaking down in tears, that’s all I can really tell you,” he added.

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