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April Lyda, the family’s heartbroken mother, offered an update this week after her 12-year-old daughter, whose identity has not been released publicly, stabbed her brother, Zander, 9, in the chest on Jan. 5 at the family’s house in Tulsa’s St. Thomas Square neighborhood. They “loved each other and always got along until the very end,” she wrote on a GoFundMe page. “They never physically hurt each other on purpose, it just wasn’t who they were,” she noted, adding that her daughter “never had behavioral issues” before the attack. However, Lyda confessed that the girl was “put back on a medication she had been off for over a year” just before the incident. Lyda declined to reveal the nature of her daughter’s prescriptions but stated that they were not for psychiatric purposes.

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April Lyda’s age is not mentioned.

Sobbing 12-year-old girl apologizes after being arrested for stabbing her sibling to death

She claimed that when her daughter began cutting herself, she was put off the medication again, but “it was too late, the damage had been done.” “She has been very well behaved for the entire 6 months she has been gone, and yes, I’m very supportive of her and love her very much,” the bereaved mother said of her daughter’s recovery after the tragedy. “Obviously, there is a lot of healing that we both need before we can ever live together again, and she needs mental & emotional help after this, she could have permanent damage, we don’t know yet.” Lyda’s new message on the campaign page, which has already raised more than $10,000 of its $15,000 target, comes only hours after authorities published edited bodycam footage from the night of the attack.

The 12-year-old can be seen constantly muttering “I’m so sorry!” and telling cops that she was overpowered by “demonic s-t” in the distressing film. “There are stab wounds in his chest.” You could murder him!” In the video, Lyda informs her daughter. At 2:30 a.m., Zander was pronounced dead. “I felt like I failed him and her both,” Lyda wrote of her reaction to her son’s death, adding that she did not believe it was “legal or appropriate” for authorities to release the video.

“Anyway with all that said, don’t believe everything you see or hear on the internet or from strangers that have never met me or my family. I still have my rights, if I was negligent in any way I doubt I would still have rights over both my surviving children,” she said. Because of the perpetrator’s age, the Tulsa District Attorney’s Office could not disclose any information about the case, including what charges are lodged against the girl. Zander’s death is not the family’s only brush with serious violence: In 2017, the boy’s father, Levi Lyda, was charged with felony animal abuse in Missouri for allegedly torturing his daughter’s kitten to death, FOX2 reported.

Levi told investigators that he was extremely drunk and killed the cat because he thought it was a burden on the family, the outlet said. Though he eventually agreed to a plea deal that traded jail time for substance abuse treatment, Levi was cited for beating a fellow inmate so severely that they sustained a “moderate brain injury,” the Daily Mail reported. Levi is not the 12-year-old’s biological father, but April Lyda told investigators that he treated her like “his own.” “She is with Zander’s dad and grandma all the time they look at her like she’s their [daughter and] granddaughter too,” the distraught mom explained.

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