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Anton Lazzaro Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Convicted of teen s*x trafficking

Anton Lazzaro Wiki – Anton Lazzaro Biography

Anton Lazzaro, 32, a prominent Republican strategist who frequently bragged about his wealth online, was convicted of child s*x trafficking in Minneapolis. Prosecutors referred to Anton Lazzaro as “Jeffrey Epstein of Minneapolis” because he was accused of exploiting “broken” young women, bribing them with Everclear, and paying tens of thousands of dollars to have sex with them. The 32-year-old, who once posted a photo of Epstein captioned “RIP my brother,” was accused by defense attorneys of trying to “fix” high school students and even hiring one as a recruiter. A girl sobbed in court as she said: “My innocence was stolen,” adding that she showered three times a day after she met with the prominent Republican strategist. Many of the survivors reportedly said they battled drug and alcohol addictions, and all characterized themselves as mostly white and thin.

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Anton Lazzaro is 32 years old.

Convicted of teen sex trafficking, Investigation Report

Lazzaro admitted to having s*x with his victims in 2020, when he was 30, but said he was not looking for them. He was found guilty of seven counts involving five women between the ages of 15 and 16 on Friday, March 31. He now faces between 10 years and life in prison. Kira Costal, his 21-year-old current girlfriend, testified in his defense, according to the Daily Mail.

Lazzaro had previously referred to himself as a “next-generation Republican” with “more modern views” that he was working to make the party more accepting of women and LGBTQIA+ groups. According to the Federal Election Commission, he contributed to the Republican Party for nearly 10 years. He donated more than $270,000 to political groups and campaigns and worked as campaign manager for Republican candidate Lacy Johnson’s unsuccessful 2020 run. Johnson denied any knowledge of Lazzaro’s exploits, saying, “I don’t know that side of Tony. He’s young, he’s got money, and… that tends to attract women.”

Jurors will reportedly return to court on Monday, April 3 to decide what assets the government can seize in light of each conviction. According to a spokesman, Lazzaro intended to fight the charges against him because he believed they were politically motivated. “The unusual application of this federal sex trafficking statute to his activities is frighteningly broad, conflating what is arguably nothing more than an act of prostitution with federal sex trafficking,” Stacy Bettison stated, adding, “He believes that he has sound grounds to appeal, and will vigorously seek the reversal of his sentence. Mr. Lazzaro is confident he will be vindicated,” according to The Guardian. After the verdict, Assistant District Attorney Melinda Williams said Lazzaro was a threat to all families with a daughter, calling him “Minnesota’s Jeffrey Epstein,” according to MPR.

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