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Anton Cherepennikov body was found in his office in Moscow, according to reports. Prior to any autopsy, media reports said he had died of “cardiac arrest” but further investigation will take place. This was immediately treated with suspicion by an old friend, Vasily Polonsky, who insisted: “I don’t think he [died of] cardiac arrest.” “The exact cause of the businessman’s death will be determined later,” Baza reported. Cherepennikov was seen as a sinister figure who was the owner of most of Russia’s wiretapping and Internet traffic storage systems. “He was an absolutely key tool in Putin’s crackdown,” an opposition source said. “The assassination of him cannot be ruled out as the security apparatus is desperate due to the failure of the war.” His involvement in the Citadel was described as “almost a monopoly on wiretapping by the Russians”. This followed draconian laws that telecom operators must store audio recordings of all calls and text messages for six months, and Internet traffic for one month. His business worked hand in hand with Putin’s feared FSB security service, and his employees included key figures trained by the counterintelligence service and their close relatives. His success in acting as the state’s electronic snooper netted £172m in profit for his operation, it was reported.

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Anton Cherepennikov was 40 years old.

Who was Anton Cherepennikov?

Cherepennikov was seen as close to his ‘idol’, Kremlin-friendly oligarch Alisher Usmanov, a former shareholder of Arsenal football club in London. The web detective studied at the prestigious Bauman Moscow State Technical University and the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. He started his business initially importing Blackberry phones and selling computers and printers. He played Counter-Strike and poker and was described as “competitive” and a gamer. He divorced his first wife, whom he met on a dating site, blaming her compulsive 15-hour-a-day work. He remarried a woman named Anna, whom he also met on a dating site. Chain-smoker Cherepennikov was considered the key player behind SORM – the “system of technical means to ensure the functions of operational search activities”, or total wiretapping in Russia. A series of suspicious deaths has plagued Russia since the months leading up to Putin’s miscalculated war in Ukraine.

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