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Oklahoma executed Anthony Sanchez on Thursday for the 1996 murder of Juli Busken, a University of Oklahoma dance student, the state’s attorney general announced. Sanchez, 44, was convicted of raping and murdering Busken in 2006 after his DNA matched the murder while he was serving time for robbery. Sánchez was executed by lethal injection, which the state resumed after a six-year moratorium. He was pronounced dead at 10:19 a.m. m. CDT, according to the Associated Press. State Attorney General Gentner Drummond was among those who attended the execution. “Today justice was served for Juli Busken, nearly 27 years after her life was tragically taken,” Drummond said in a statement. “My hope is that today he can bring some peace to his family and friends.” Although Sanchez has long said he did not kill Busken, he did not seek clemency from Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, telling the Associated Press that “it’s not going well for inmates,” no matter what the pardons board decides. and governor’s parole. , citing two cases in which the board voted in favor of clemency requests that were ultimately denied by Stitt.

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Anthony Sanchez was 44 years old.

Investigation Report

Sanchez asked Stitt for a 60-day continuance so his new attorneys could review his case, according to The Oklahoman. Sánchez used his last words to affirm his innocence, according to AP. “I didn’t kill anyone,” he said in the execution chamber at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester. He also criticized lawyers who had represented him in the past in the case and thanked his supporters. Sánchez’s lawyers also requested a stay of execution in federal court to have more time to analyze evidence in the case. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the request ahead of Thursday’s execution. Earlier this year, Sanchez accused his late father of killing Busken, citing an alleged confession revealed by a former girlfriend of Sanchez’s father, Thomas Glen Sanchez. “He once said that…he enjoyed watching her die,” Charlotte Beattie wrote in a sworn statement, according to the Oklahoman. “Glen said he was sorry that Anthony was on death row for something Glen did. But he said Anthony was tough and could handle being locked up, while Glen wasn’t strong enough to adjust to incarceration.” The state attorney general said last month that there was “no conceivable doubt” that the younger Sanchez killed Busken and that the DNA recovered from the murder belonged to him.

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