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Anthony Lowe Jr Wiki – Bio

Anthony Lowe Jr, a family member of a double amputee who was shot and killed by police while trying to evade arrest, seeks justice. Lowe Jr, 36, was said to have lost his legs earlier in another police encounter in Texas. The Huntington Park Police Department said officers were called to the scene after Lowe allegedly stabbed a person in an unprovoked attack.

My son was murdered. I don’t want anyone to react to it. I just want everyone to get justice,” Dorothy Lowe, Lowe’s mother, according to Cleveland 19 News. The confrontation between Lowe and the police was caught on camera by a bystander. The video shows him struggling to escape from the police, holding a meat cleaver in hand.


Anthony Lowe Jr was 36 years old.

‘He was not a bum, he was loved’

“They refuse to give us everything we need to know what really happened to him,” said his cousin, Ellakenyada Gorum. “He was not a bum, he was loved. And it’s sad, very sad, that they get away with killing our African American people, just by getting away with it. He was in a wheelchair. What else could he do? What else could he do?

Police said the shooting took place after Lowe continued to threaten officers with the knife. “Get real about this, what could he have done in a wheelchair?” said Lowe’s aunt, who was not named. “We want justice.”

Lowe’s family and friends said they haven’t heard much from those investigating the case, including the police department or the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. “You knew that your lives were not in danger. He is running on his limbs. How cold could they be? Gorum said. “He has a strong family that loves him, so we want justice for our entire family,” said his sister Yatoya Toy.

‘Shameful and embarrassing

Social media users expressed their anger and devastation over the incident. “Embarrassing and embarrassing. How the hell can this be justified? What about crisis intervention? Couldn’t I expect it?” a user commented on Facebook. Another said: “THROW THE BOOK AT ALL OFFICERS INVOLVED. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL.” “Why is the deadly force ALWAYS with us?

“Everyone should now know that police are trained to kill, plain and simple,” said one user, while another wrote: “THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS REVENGEOUS AND DISCOUNTING BEHAVIOR.”

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