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Andrii ‘Juice’ Pilshchykov Wiki – Biography

Ukraine’s military paid tribute to Andrii ‘Juice’ Pilshchykov, a 29-year-old flying ace with ‘mega knowledge and mega talent’, as well as two other airmen who died in the crash between two L-39s in Zhytomyr. . region, west of kyiv and hundreds of kilometers from the front lines of the Russian invasion. President Volodymyr Zelensky offered his condolences to the families of the pilots killed in his evening address to Ukrainian citizens, adding: “Ukraine will never forget anyone who stood up for Ukraine’s free skies.” The country’s attorney general has opened a criminal investigation into the incident to determine whether flight preparation laws were violated. Reportedly given the nickname by American pilots during a joint training exercise, who mildly mocked him for not drinking alcohol, Juice gained fame in the early days of the invasion of Russia after engaging in dogfights over Kiev.

Last fall, he was tasked with shooting down Russian missiles and drones heading for Ukrainian cities. Shortly after he told the BBC: ‘By intercepting the cruise missiles, your mission is to save lives on the ground, to save the city. ‘If you can’t, it’s a terrible feeling to have someone die. Someone will die in a few minutes and you didn’t stop it, ”he added. Ukrainian soldiers were seen mourning Juice’s death. A video was shared on social media showing members of the country’s air force setting fire to a piano in remembrance, a tradition among air forces around the world. Dozens of airmen stood solemnly and watched as the flames grew on the upright piano, which bore the call signs and plane numbers of the three men who died in the crash. The country’s attorney general’s office said it was opening a criminal investigation to determine whether flight preparation rules were violated before the ill-fated flight.

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Andrii ‘Juice’ Pilshchykov was 29 years old.


Juice was also the “main proponent” of an advocacy group that lobbied for Ukraine to obtain F-16 fighter jets, a Ukrainian air force spokesman said. Yurii Ihnat said in a Facebook post: ‘A year ago in the US, Andrii met with US government officials, raised the urgent needs of the Air Force, was in constant contact with Californian pilots and was the main driver from an advocacy group. promoting many decisions on the F-16s [supply]. ‘During the war, he gave dozens of interviews to the Western media because he knew English well, and the most important topic was the topic of conversation: what can and should be talked about in favor of Ukraine! ‘You can’t even imagine how he wanted to fly in an F-16… but now that American planes are on the horizon, he won’t fly them. ‘Andrii Pilshchykov was not just a pilot, he was a young officer with great knowledge and great talent.

‘He was an excellent communicator, a promoter of reforms in Air Force aircraft, a participant in many projects. I often supported his crazy ideas, which gave incredible results!’ Ukraine will receive up to 61 F-16s in the coming months as the country prepares for a major counteroffensive. While the United States and NATO hesitated to send fighter jets to Ukraine, citing fears of escalation, these fears appear to have subsided. The Pentagon confirmed earlier this week that the Ukrainian pilots would head to Texas for training in English in September, while flight training would begin in Arizona in October. Other Western countries will start training Ukrainian pilots later this month. Flight training is expected to last about five months. Zelensky said earlier about the decision to provide Ukraine with F-16s: “This will also bring civil aviation back to the Ukrainian skies, as it will bring us closer to victory and provide Ukraine with greater security.”

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