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Andrew Peters Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Death, Investigation Report

Andrew Peters Wiki – Bio

Andrew Peters, 28, died on February 16 while fighting alongside the Ukrainian International Defense Legion, the man’s father told Wisconsin Public Radio in an email.

Peters is believed to be the seventh American killed on the Ukrainian front since the Russian invasion began a year ago. Peters, a Marshfield resident, enlisted in the military before graduating from high school in 2012. He toured Afghanistan in 2014 before taking up arms in Ukraine in November, WPR reported.

“He felt his time in service was not over and went to help Ukraine, where he joined fellow countrymen and Legionnaires from around the world to help in the defense of Ukraine,” John Peters, who also served in the Army during the Gulf . War in 1991, he told the radio station. Peters’ father said his daughter was fluent in several languages, including Ukrainian, Russian and French.


Andrew Peters was 28 years old.

Andrew Peters killed in action in Ukraine

Andrew had a strong sense of what was right and what was wrong,” Peters said. “He felt the need to use his previous military combat skills to help the Ukrainian people fight and liberate the country from him. Andrew was very close to his fellow soldiers and they all liked him. We are all extremely proud of his bravery and selfless sacrifice.”

The International Legion was created by the Ukrainian government in early 2022, shortly after the invasion by Russia, to recruit foreign soldiers to help defend the Eastern European country. The family is currently working with the US Embassy in kyiv to have Peters’ remains returned. The US State Department said in a statement that it “can confirm the deaths of US citizens in Ukraine. We are in contact with their respective families and providing all possible consular assistance,” the department said.

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