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Andrew Mosby allegedly ran over Roberto Alvarez after an altercation Wednesday. Authorities say the incident began as a minor traffic accident on East 60th Street in Manhattan between a Chevrolet Silverado and a Volkswagen Jetta shortly after 4 p.m. Wednesday. The driver of the Volkswagen, Mosby, was accompanied by a woman and three small children in his car, police said. Authorities say Roberto Alvarez got out of his Chevrolet Silverado when the two cars collided and cut the tires on Mosby’s car. Alvarez’s wife, Alex Garcia, responded to claims that he slashed tires, telling the New York Post that “this doesn’t make any sense.” Speaking to the outlet, she continued: ‘He’s a great person, a great husband, a great father. Everyone loves him.’

She also told the outlet that she couldn’t believe her husband had been involved in such a violent confrontation, saying, “He eats oranges or apples in the car when he’s hungry.” He peels the orange and cuts the apple with the small knife. That’s the only knife I know of. ‘When they tell me, I say: ‘That’s not my husband!’ That’s not the man I’ve been married to for 28 years. Ask your friends, your family, your boss, your neighbors. Everyone will tell you the same. Garcia continued: ‘I don’t know about [the claim that he] cut the tire. But if he sees the children, no. I never saw my husband like this, no. ‘For me, justice is getting my husband back. Robert worked very hard to make sure his son could have it better, leaving [at] 3, 4 in the morning, coming home [at] 7, 8 at night. He sometimes working 24 hours. ‘He wanted to see his son make it to graduation.’ His son, Steven Vélez García, also told the Post: ‘I’m still in shock. It doesn’t feel real to me. Police said Mosby accelerated rapidly and struck Alvarez, pinning him against the front of a building.

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Andrew Mosby is 26 years old.

Driver ‘trying to defend’ his young girls charged for mowing down tire slasher

Officers arrived on scene and say they observed Alvarez lying on the sidewalk with trauma to his body. He then was taken to New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornel Medical Center, where he was pronounced deceased. Mosby was then taken into police custody and charged with manslaughter and assault Wednesday night. His girlfriend, Quenteria Daniels, 27, told the New York Daily News: “We were four blocks from my place of work when this guy tried to block us and broke the side mirror of our car.” My husband asked her to go back to his car and call. to the police because we wanted to handle it the right way. ‘He raised his hand with the knife towards us,’ she recalled. We were terrified. My kids were screaming and screaming. A witness told the New York Post that he was likely trying to protect the children inside the car from Alvarez, who is said to have been wielding a knife.

Witness Betina Sisi told abc7: ‘I just saw that the guy stopped the car, gets out of the car, argues, goes back to the car, grabs a knife, goes back, punctures the rear wheel, the front, he goes in front of the car.’ The next thing that happens is the driver literally runs through it. What would he expect, what would his reaction be if he had his family in the car? ‘He was blocking and couldn’t get out of the space, what would you do?’ ‘ Jorge Hernandez witnessed the incident, telling the New York Daily News: “The gentleman was on the ground. I can’t believe I ran him over. He was yelling at the guy who was under the car. He was under the bumper from the chest down.” He was still conscious. He was reaching for his cell phone. According to Hernandez, a group of people lifted Alvarez’s car and pulled him out from under it. Another man told NBC New York: “I shouldn’t [be charged], I was trying to to protect his family.”

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