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Andrew Innes, 52, stabbed and bludgeoned Bennylyn Burke to death with a hammer before strangling his daughter Jellica.

Officers had gone to Andrew Innes’ Dundee home looking for Bennylyn Burke and her two-year-old daughter Jellica. He admitted to killing 25-year-old Bennylyn and Jellica and burying their bodies in February or March 2021. But the 52-year-old man denies killing the mother and daughter, claiming he had diminished responsibility.

He is also charged with sexually assaulting Jellica Burke and attempting to defeat the ends of justice. Innes faces another charge of raping another child. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

A joint record of evidence agreed between prosecutors and Innes’ defense team as incontrovertible was read to a jury at the start of the trial at Edinburgh High Court. Junior prosecution attorney Frankie Morgan said Innes had caused Bennylyn’s death by stabbing her with a knife and repeatedly striking her over the head with the handle of the knife and a hammer. Jellica died of suffocation. Morgan said Innes then put their bodies in rubble bags and concealed them in concrete under the kitchen floor of his home.

The joint record says a postmortem examination found Bennylyn’s death to be the result of a single stab wound to the chest and blunt force injuries to the head. Bennylyn, originally from the Philippines, met Innes online before traveling with him from Bristol to his Dundee home in February 2021. The following month, the bodies of Bennylyn and Jellica were found hidden under their kitchen floor.

PC Gavin Burns told the court that he and a colleague had been sent to Innes’ home in Dundee after Bennylyn was reported missing. He said Innes was initially reluctant to let them in, citing the Covid shield, but eventually relented. Innes said a girl on the property was her daughter, but when questioned by officers, he made it clear that was not the case. Innes initially claimed that he had taken Bennylyn and Jellica to Glasgow and left them with another man. However, after repeated questions about Bennylyn’s location, he admitted, “She’s under the kitchen floor.” Under caution, Innes later added: “I killed her. We got into a fight and I killed her.” He later asked the police officer what kind of sentence he receives for murder and he said that it was “not premeditated”.


Andrew Innes is 52 years old.

Jury told to convict Andrew Innes of murdering Bennylyn and Jellica Burke

A jury has been instructed to find a man guilty of murdering a 25-year-old mother and her two-year-old daughter at her home in Dundee. Innes had admitted to the murders but denied the murder, claiming diminished responsibility. Judge Lord Beckett told the jury that the special defenses put forward by Innes were not available to them. At the High Court in Edinburgh, he told them: “I order you charges one and two, you will return a guilty verdict.”

The jury has retired to consider his verdict. Innes denies sexually assaulting Jellica and raping another child in February or March 2021. He also denies having tried to defeat the ends of justice. The court previously heard that Bennylyn had met Innes online on a dating site. He brought Bennylyn and Jellica to his home in Dundee in February 2021 after driving to meet them in Bristol, where they lived.

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