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Andrew Hague, 31, A man who bludgeoned his neighbor to death with a bag full of Pokemon cards, because he was offended, has been sentenced to life in prison.

On August 2, Andrew Hague murdered Simon Wilkinson, 50, in a “ferocious and brutal” attack outside his flat on Fox Hill Road in Sheffield. In a protracted assault observed by terrified neighbors, Hague punched and stamped on the father-of-one, Sheffield Crown Court heard on Tuesday. He was sentenced to at least 17 years in prison. According to the court, Hague had a psychiatric disease, most likely schizophrenia, which was exacerbated by cannabis use, and had stopped taking his medication before the killing. Prosecutor Laura Marshall said he had a series of disagreements with his neighbors before confronting Mr. Wilkinson.


Andrew Hague is 31 years old.

Sheffield man used a bag of Pokemon cards to kill his neighbor

He attacked Mr. Wilkinson with a bag holding four or five tins of Pokemon cards after ordering him to “come out here and fight like a man,” she added. Witnesses described Hague swinging the bag “like a cricketer,” leaving Mr. Wilkinson bloodied and motionless on the ground, according to Ms. Marshall. Hague then punched and stamped on the victim repeatedly before grabbing a bat or a board of wood and beating him “numerous times,” according to the prosecution. Hague later told authorities that when confronting his neighbor, he “got carried away” and “murdered him in cold blood.” He claimed he “felt bad” for the critically injured Mr. Wilkinson after the initial attack and hence “tried to end his life.”

Andrew Vaut KC, Hague’s barrister, told the court that while Hague’s sickness did not qualify him for a defense of reduced responsibility or insanity, it was a “significant factor” in the “appalling tragedy” of Mr. Wilkinson’s death. The counsel stated that Hague had accepted responsibility for his acts by pleading guilty to murder in March. Eileen Wilkinson, Mr. Wilkinson’s mother, told the court, “Simon has been taken from us by what I would describe as pure evil.” She described her son as “loving, friendly, and funny,” and said his death was “barbaric and brutal,” leaving a “hole in our hearts that will never heal” and depriving his 18-year-old daughter of a father.

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‘Illusionary state’

Mr. Wilkinson’s death, according to Judge Sarah Wright, caused “immense pain and unimaginable and irreplaceable loss” for his family and friends. Neighbors had also experienced “extreme trauma” as a result of the “horrific attack,” she added. According to the judge, Hague did not intend to kill Mr. Wilkinson but had determined in his “deluded state” that murder was “an act of mercy.”

The judge noted that a psychiatric examination indicated Hague’s mental illness did not impair his ability to understand or control his behavior, and that cannabis usage most likely influenced his judgment at the time of the crime. This case serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of cannabis use, particularly in someone with such a complex mental health history as yours,” she added. Ms. Wright suggested that Hague be readmitted to Rampton’s high-security psychiatric hospital, where he had been responding well to treatment, according to the court.

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