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Andrew Baker, a Melbourne man allegedly murdered his ex-girlfriend Sarah Gatt in a jealous rage and left her body to rot in his bathtub for more than eight months, prosecutors have told an Australian court. Sarah Gatt’s decomposing body was reportedly discovered at her Kensington residence when local police carried out a welfare check in January 2018.

Rescue teams found the 40-year-old woman’s half-naked body inside a bathtub, wrapped in electrical cables and covered with household items. Investigators believe she was murdered eight months earlier, in April 2017. Following an initial investigation, police alleged that Gatt’s ex, Andrew Baker, 55, killed her after she ended their relationship in 2016 to begin a new one with a woman. Baker is currently facing trial. in Victoria High Court and denies murdering his ex-lover, according to the DailyMail.

Prosecutor John Dickie told the jury at the opening of the trial on Tuesday the 14th that Gatt and Baker’s on-and-off two-and-a-half-year relationship was “intense, turbulent and, at times, violent” and that when Gatt left him, Baker was driven by “jealousy and anger”. The court also heard that Gatt had fallen on hard times, battling mental health and drug problems, and was even living in public housing on a disability pension.


Andrew Baker is 55 years old.

When did Andrew Baker kill Sarah Gatt?

Prosecutors allege Baker murdered Gatt a month before her 40th birthday and three months later, he bizarrely invited a group of people to her home “to witness the discovery of a body.” Leona Rei-Paku, the woman Gatt chose over Baker, also attended the meeting and saw a foot sticking out of the bathtub. However, none of the attendees reported the gruesome find to the police, who found her body in a state of ‘extreme decomposition’ five months later.

Dickie also claimed that Baker informed her friends after Gatt’s death that he was back with her, but that he was in a mental hospital. Baker even created fake text messages and love letters to back up his claims. The prosecutor further alleged that Baker collected Centrelink payments from Gatt for months after her death.

Sarah Gatt Cause of Death

However, Baker’s lawyer, John Saunders, shielded him from the misconduct charge and questioned how the Crown could prove that her client inflicted injuries on Gatt with the intent to kill or even seriously injure her. Police discovered blood in various places inside Gatt’s home on Lambeth Street in Kensington, however, they were unable to determine the exact nature of her injuries or the cause of her death. “How can you conclude that Mrs. Gatt was not injured in an accident?” Saunders challenged the court and acknowledged reports that he had drugs in his system.

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