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Andrei Medvedev, who escaped from Russia in January across its Arctic border with Norway, described running as Russian guards shot at him. He has talked about his time fighting in Ukraine as part of the Wagner group. Police said in a statement late Friday that a man in his 20s had been detained for attempting to illegally cross the Russian border, but did not name him. A local police officer in Finnmark refused to reveal the identity of the detainee. Crossing the border with Russia is only allowed at designated points. But Medvedev’s arrest was due to a misunderstanding, his Norwegian lawyer Brynjulf Risnes told Reuters. “He was there to see if he could find the place where he crossed (into Norway in January). They arrested him when he was in a taxi. He was never close to the border… It was never his intention to cross the border (into Russia),” Risnes said.

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Investigation Report

At the time of his arrival in Norway, Medvedev said he was seeking asylum because he feared for his life after witnessing the murder and mistreatment of Russian prisoners taken to the front lines in Ukraine. His escape in January made headlines around the world as a rare example of someone defecting to a Western country while claiming to have fought for Russia as a mercenary in the Ukraine war. But in May, he said in a video posted on YouTube that he wanted to return to Russia even though he believed this could pose a risk to his life, describing himself as “kind of a kid in a big game” who he didn’t want to anymore. be part of. Risnes said Medvedev had the right to return to Russia if he so wished, but that “a lot of changes need to happen” for him to return safely. In April, Medvedev was convicted in Norway of participating in a bar fight and carrying an air pistol, but he was acquitted of committing violence against police. He said then that he was looking to the future and hoping for asylum. Wagner founder Yevgeny Prigozhin died on August 23 when a private jet he was using crashed under unexplained circumstances, just two months after he briefly sent his mercenaries advancing on Moscow in a direct challenge to the Russian establishment.

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