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Andrea Papi, the runner who was mauled to death by a bear in the Italian Dolomites tried to fend him off with a broken branch. Tragic The brown bear attacked Andrea Papi, 26, when he was out for a training run on nearby trails in the evening. Authorities said that they had discovered bear DNA on Andrea’s limbs, stomach, head, and throat injuries.They claimed to have discovered his bloodied shorts and vest 100 metres along the trail, with a line of blood leading back to a blind bend where it is believed he collided with the animal.

Authorities estimate that there are 90 bears living in the forests near Caldes, and although there have been seven attacks in the previous 23 years, this was the first. The police were notified by Andrea’s girlfriend Alessia Gregori when he failed to show up for supper with her and his mother on Wednesday afternoon. He was quickly sought after by police and mountain rescue personnel, and a search team using dogs discovered his body early on Thursday morning.

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Andrea Papi Age

Andrea Papi was 26 years old.


Alessia uploaded a picture of herself being hugged by Andrea on Instagram as an homage to him, along with the heartfelt remark, “Hold me for ever like this.”Perhaps he would still be here if he had brought his dog, according to his mother Franca. In order to defend Andrea, he would have attacked the bear. “I love you,” were his final words to me. We’ll meet for supper, I promise. We used to go lengthy hikes in the hills together with this lovely golden lad. ‘We offer our sympathies for the passing of this young man but we still need more details,’ a representative for WWF Italia said.

“While feelings might be running high, killing a bear—even if it’s become dangerous—should always be the last option.” Once more, we have witnessed politicians attempting to profit from this incident, but it is important to keep in mind that bears are naturally wary of people and will always maintain a safe distance. Following the attack last month and after numerous farmers reported their animals being attacked and murdered, local officials had demanded a cull of bears.

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