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Andre Hernandez Jr. Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Shot to killed, Investigation Report

Andre Hernandez Jr. Wiki – Bio

Andre Hernandez Jr. was shot by San Antonio Police Officer Stephen Ramos while the teen was driving a stolen red Toyota Corolla along with two other minors on June 3, 2022. Ramos and two officers, identified only as Espinoza and Claire, were responding to reports of gunshots and loud music around 1 a.m. m. in the community of Indian Creek, on the southwest side.

Footage obtained by the San Antonio Express-News shows officers chasing the Toyota Corolla, which pulls away from Ramos’ vehicle and stops in a driveway. Don’t let it hit you!” Ramos yells at Espinoza, who stops his Chevrolet Tahoe squad car, opens the door, and sticks his left leg out to the side. Let me see your hands!” Espinoza yells and sticks his leg back in as the Corolla hits his vehicle.

Andre Hernandez Jr. Age

Andre Hernandez Jr. was 13 years old.

Texas police officer fatally shot a 13-year-old boy who was driving a stolen car

A couple of seconds later, Ramos gets out of his car and opens fire, the video shows. They shot me, sir,” Hernández says after getting out of the vehicle and falling to the ground. Ramos checks on Hernández runs to his squad car to get his first aid kit, and begins administering first aid. The boy was transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The Bexar County District Attorney’s Office, which reviewed the shooting, said it was a “tragedy” that a minor was killed, but that Hernandez’s age was “not known to Officer Ramos at the time, nor does it mitigate the threatens officer Espinoza. ”

“It was reasonable for Officer Ramos to believe that Officer Espinoza was standing outside his vehicle and was therefore being threatened with deadly force by the red Toyota as he sped toward it,” reads a memo detailing the prosecutor’s review, according to Express News. These facts led Officer Ramos to believe that Officer Espinoza was being threatened with deadly force. Therefore, he used deadly force to prevent officer Espinoza from being unreasonably harmed in accordance with” the Texas Penal Code, the outlet added.

The evidence was presented before a grand jury, which declined to bring criminal charges against Ramos. Attorney Lee Merritt, who represents the family, said they are “very frustrated” by the grand jury’s decision and are filing a federal civil rights lawsuit in the case.
“This officer has killed two human beings, he has no business being a police officer,” Merritt said. He maintained that the Corolla was moving too slowly to pose any danger to Espinoza. Those cars were never going more than 5 miles per hour and AJ Hernandez never posed a life-threatening threat to anyone,” Merritt told news station KEN5.

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