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Anastasiia Pokreshch, a 33-year-old model from kyiv, has lost count of the number of surgical procedures she has undergone. She started undergoing beauty procedures when she was 26 years old and her obsession hasn’t stopped yet. She gets a lot of compliments from fans who love the extreme look of her; however, they worry about her health.The model leaves only a few months between each surgery and she has previously admitted that she still wants her cheeks to be bigger, The Mirror reports. In a recent Instagram video, Anastasiia is seen lying in a hospital bed after her latest surgery, which was to enhance her breasts.The video has nearly 5,000 likes and 900 comments, most of which urge her to stop.One viewer wrote ‘What a beautiful girl you are. Why do you need those cheeks and lips????’In a video explaining the procedure, Anastasiia showed off her old breast implants and compared them to the new ones.

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Anastasiia Pokreshch is 33 years old.

Model with ‘world’s biggest cheeks’ shares her pre-filler look

She wrote in the caption: ‘These are my past implants. Now I have 1050 ml, Motiva, the highest profile. Thank you @plastikaistanbul_ . By the way, they were looking for me all over Turkey, since this size is simply no longer produced, only by order and a long wait. And they found me as quickly as possible.She updates fans of her on all of her procedures on her Instagram, even sharing videos of her jaw and cheek fillers being inserted. Her comments are filled with concern and even insults. One says ‘Those cheek implants look ridiculous! Probably one of the worst cosmetic surgeries I’ve ever seen!’ while another says ‘What’s wrong with her face?’In 2020, the plastic surgery lover appeared on This Morning, where she said that she “has no plans to stop.”Philip Schofield described her as a “shocking sight” and Dr. Alex Karidis, a cosmetic surgeon who joined them on the show, called Anastasiia’s appearance a “questionable cosmetic result”.Despite this, Anastasiia is proud of her appearance and she is not afraid to keep sharing photos and videos of her cosmetic journey on social media. Posting a photo after more lip filler, she wrote, “I’m satisfied and I’ll be even cooler in my old age as it bothers everyone a lot.”

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