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Amy Dowden, who also has Crohn’s disease, has appeared on Strictly Come Dancing since 2017. She claims she is disclosing information about her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment plan in the hope that speaking out may motivate other women to have regular checkups.

Amy Dowden of Strictly Come Dancing has stated that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. During her tenure on Strictly, the 32-year-old professional dancer has worked alongside celebrities such as McFly’s Tom Fletcher, EastEnders actor James Bye, and comedian Brian Conley. “Hey everyone, I’ve got some news that isn’t easy to share,” she posted on Instagram. “I’ve recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, but I’m determined to get back on that dance floor before you know it.” Dowden received her diagnosis less than a year after marrying her long-term dance partner Ben Jones.


Amy Dowden is 32 years old.

Strictly Come Dancing star diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32

She also has Crohn’s disease, a gastrointestinal disorder. “I’ve been through a lot in my life, and this is another hurdle,” she told Hello! magazine in an interview that revealed more information about her condition and diagnosis. “However, if I stay positive and strong, I have a good chance of getting back out on the dancefloor as soon as possible.”

Dowden participated in CoppaTrek!, a 100-kilometer fundraising walk, in June 2022. With Gi, as directed by I’m A Celebrity… I need to get out of here! Giovanna Fletcher, Tom Fletcher’s wife, won in favor of the breast health awareness organization CoppaFeel! She said, “Hello!” This encounter prompted her to examine her breasts. CoppaFeel! has now potentially saved my life,” she said, “because I don’t know how long this lump could have been there before I noticed and did something about it.” “So my speaking out might end up saving some other people’s lives because they start checking their breasts.”

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Surgery will be used as part of the treatment

Dowden discovered a lump in her right breast in April and was diagnosed with grade three breast cancer earlier this month. “My doctor explained to me that there are three grades, with three being the most aggressive, but they feel like they’ve caught mine early and that I shouldn’t be too concerned because grade three would be expected in someone my age,” she added. Doctors discovered a second lump, and the dancer is now awaiting a detailed treatment plan, which will “certainly include surgery.”

Dowden has received words of encouragement from Strictly Come Dancing contestants and other celebrities on Instagram. Clara Amfo, a TV and radio host who came on the show in 2020, wrote: “Darling Amy, sending you all the healing strength and love.” Joe Sugg, a social media sensation who took part in 2018, wrote, “Sending you all the love, best wishes, and strength Amy.” Dianne Buswell and Oti Mabuse, among others, sent messages, with Buswell stating, “Our Welsh dragon is going to fight this!!!!” and I can’t wait to see you again on the dance floor with us. Amy, we love you so much.”

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