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Amira Moghnieh Wiki – Amira Moghnieh Biography

Amira Moghnieh, 30, was allegedly beaten to death by Ahmad Hodroj, 36, when he showed up at her home in Bexley, south Sydney, around 6:00 p.m. m. on July 6 to pick up her children. Hodroj, from whom Ms. Moghnieh had been estranged for about a year, allegedly dropped the children off at his sister’s home before his estranged wife arrived. He was arrested at the scene and has since been charged with murder. Two weeks after her tragic death, Ms. Moghnieh was buried in a moving ceremony in her hometown in southern Lebanon. More than 300 people attended the service, including close family members and friends, after her body was repatriated. Footage from the service shows a group of masked men loading his coffin into the back of an ambulance before driving across town to the cemetery.

By the time the vehicle reached its destination, hundreds of loved ones were already waiting in the street, with women throwing their bodies onto the coffin and weeping as they decorated the top with roses. One man was so overcome with emotion that he fell to his knees and placed his head on the coffin as he wept. A woman was seen hugging a framed picture of Ms. Mognieh, while more photos of the beloved mother were plastered on ambulances and other vehicles in the village. A large image of Ms. Mognieh, printed on a banner, hung on a balcony overlooking the mourners as they gathered on the road to say goodbye. Her body, which is wrapped in a decorative cloth, was then carried through the streets to the burial site. A large crowd of mourners is seen following close behind. Ms. Mognieh’s body is then lowered onto the plot, which is occupied by a group of men using shovels.

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Amira Moghnieh was 30 yeras old.

Amira Moghnieh’s coffin carried through Lebanon village after she was allegedly murdered by husband

A wreath of pink flowers is placed on top of the plot as mourners express their condolences to Ms. Mognieh’s loved ones and pray. Tributes for Ms. Moghnieh have also been shared on social media. Her sister, Imali, said on Facebook: “From the greed of this world, my sister is gone, she is gone.” ‘The mother of a sweet smile is gone, the bride of my heart is gone.’ Ms. Moghnieh had gone to her husband’s home separated from her to pick up her children as part of a custody arrangement. Her cousin Karim told Daily Mail Australia that Ms Moghnieh had spoken to her sister hours earlier and that nothing seemed wrong before her death. “Her sister spoke to her the morning before the incident,” Karim said. “They were laughing and having fun and everything was normal. “She wasn’t stressed or worried.” Her cousin Fadi said that Hodroj had taken her three young children to her sister’s house next door before Moghnieh arrived.

It is understood that she wanted to speak to Ms. Moghnieh about her divorce settlement, which was due to be finalized at the end of this month. Later, Ms. Moghnieh was found unconscious in the house and died a short time later. Karim shared some of the latest photos and videos of her with Daily Mail Australia, showing her smiling and laughing with her family. Two recent videos of her show her singing in her car while in another she beams from ear to ear as she plays in a park on the swings with her children. In other recent images, she is seen feeding kangaroos, taking walks and posing for selfies with friends. Ms Moghnieh had just celebrated obtaining citizenship and an Australian passport in the days before she was allegedly murdered and she already had plans to take her children to her birthplace in Lebanon to see to her family. Hodroj has been charged with murder and is behind bars. He is expected to face court again in August.

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