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Amer Mohammed, A “vile predator” who attempted to rape a woman in her sleep at King’s Cross station told police officers he thought she was “okay because she wasn’t dead”. Amer Mohammed, 31, has been found guilty of attempted rape at London’s Inner Crown Court yesterday. In the early hours of July 23, around 5 a.m., Mohammed, without a fixed address, approached the victim, whom he had never seen before, while she was sleeping at the station. On July 23, 2022, around 5 a.m. m., Mohammed approached the victim, whom he had never seen before, while she was sleeping at King’s Cross station. She woke up to find Mohammed exposing himself to her and trying to forcefully rape her. The victim tried to fight off the attacker, however, he overpowered her and continued to attack her for half an hour until her friend woke up and intervened. British Transport Police were alerted to the incident by the victim later that morning at the station.

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Amer Mohammed Age

Amer Mohammed is 31 years old.

Tried to rape woman while she slept at King’s Cross Station

She was able to identify him and he was arrested at the scene and taken into police custody. When she was asked about her consent in her police interview, Mohammed stated that if someone was asleep, it was okay to have sex with them because “they’re not dead.” He was shown CCTV of the incident, which was captured in its entirety, and claimed that he was just “trying to help [the victim] get a good night’s sleep”. Detective Constable Rachel Parfitt said: “Amer Mohammed is a vile predator who deliberately targeted an unconscious woman and subjected her to a truly heinous attack in the belief that she would be powerless to stop it.” “I will be absolutely clear that he is not, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that sex offenders like him are brought to justice to face the full force of the law.” “I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the victim on her courage to come forward and support our investigation despite Mohammed forcing her to relive her traumatic experience in court. It is his bravery that has ensured that he faces justice today.”

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