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Amelia-Paige, 12, can be seen cowering as she is hit over the head by another girl in a school uniform last Thursday in Bacup, Lancashire.

Amelia is forcibly yanked from her seat during the savage attack when the other schoolgirl hits her multiple times with clenched fists. Surprisingly, other children on the school bus were left filming the incident, while some goaded the attacker by chanting “one more, one more”. Amelia, a Year 7 student, tries to straighten herself up, tucking her hair behind her ears and refusing to take part in the fight. But that doesn’t stop the other schoolgirl from launching another brutal attack on her. Mother Tyler Fitzpatrick, 32, feared her daughter might have been “another Sophie Lancaster” whose murder shocked the nation in 2007. Sophie, 20, was beaten to death by a group of teenagers in the city who attacked her because she was goth. Speaking about the shocking images, Tyler likened them to the ‘happy slap’ trend of the mid-2000s.

The footage was filmed by an older boy who knows the family and wanted evidence, rather than gratification, Tyler said. She said: ‘The happy slaps were bad enough without the grouping, the kids chanting ‘one more time, one more time, smack her again’. ‘What gratification do you get from my son being beaten once more? In the middle of her is another guy who ran a brush through her hair and called her a bum. ‘What if this had happened in a secluded place? It’s wild, it’s like a herd of animals. ‘She’s not defending herself. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. “Kids fight, when we were younger, kids would fight and then forget about it. It is now on Snapchat and Facebook. People are capturing the screen and sharing it. Year 7 pupil Amelia-Paige was looking forward to going back to school and has received a flurry of gifts and messages of support since her mother posted images of the attack online.

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Amelia-Paige is 12 years old.

Filmed in vile schoolbus attack as pupils chant ‘one more, one more’

She has received offers of salon treatments, baskets, and even an offer of a trip to Disneyland Paris, from generous businesses. But Tyler, a mother of five, wants the court system to treat the perpetrator as seriously as possible. Tyler said: ‘She’s still smiling and that’s the message we want to send. “I want to raise awareness that this is happening.” She has been the greatest person and she took it. ‘On Saturday morning the girl was told to go to the police station and she was interviewed under caution. “One of the parents of a child in the video saw him filming and removed him from his football team; he has had some kind of consequence.” After the video surfaced, Tyler received Facebook messages from some of the children involved who apologized for her behavior. She praised her honesty, adding: ‘I said ‘it’s very brave of you to message me, I hope you understand the consequences and severity.’ It’s like a herd of animals.

Tyler said that she watched a few seconds of the video before bursting into tears. She kept Amelia out of school on Friday and will do so for the remainder of the term until she feels that Valley Leadership Academy has treated him appropriately.Tyler said: “We’ve been having issues for a few months, she’s been missing school, but now I think we know why.” “She’s very lonely, I think she sometimes feels like she can’t carry things with us. “I sat down and told him ‘bullying is not something you hide from me, I’ll always sit down and we’ll figure it out.'” Despite the problems at school, Amelia-Paige wants to be an art teacher when she grows up. Tyler said, “I want to take this as far as it can go, if we can stop another kid from being bullied.” ‘The school has received so many emails and phone calls. “Amelia has no physical scars, she knew she was being threatened, but she didn’t know there would be 20 of them.’She just took the beating. It’s all the people around her that are bothering her. I don’t think she’s down yet.

“She has people messaging her and sending her gifts, a fundraiser has raised £4,000.”‘I think the mental scars will remain for a few years.’She wanted to go back to school the next day, she’s a tough cookie, but I said she wouldn’t send it.’ A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “Following our inquiries in relation to an incident that took place on a bus last week, a 12-year-old girl has now been interviewed and the case has been referred to the Juvenile Delinquency Team who will consider the most important. appropriate result.’ A school spokesperson said: ‘Several of our children have been affected by a distressing and unacceptable incident on a public bus. We are in contact with the relevant public authorities, conducting our own rigorous investigation and supporting children and parents. ‘We have high expectations of every pupil and do not tolerate poor behaviour in our school. ‘Whilst this incident took place on a public bus service, we expect our pupils to behave appropriately in and out of school and the overwhelming majority of our pupils demonstrate exemplary character at all times.’

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