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Amber Waterman and Jamie Waterman Wiki – Amber Waterman and Jamie Waterman Bio

Amber Waterman and Jamie Waterman faces accused of allegedly kidnapping and murdering Ashley Bush to take her unborn child.

According to the US Attorney’s Office in Missouri, Amber Waterman and her husband Jamie Waterman were arrested on kidnapping charges in the disappearance of 33-year-old Ashley Bush, who was 31 weeks pregnant.

Ashley Bush was killed by a gunshot wound and her body was found Thursday in Missouri, a day after her baby, named Valkyrie Grace Willis, was found elsewhere, police said.

Ashley Bush, 33, was a resident of Benton County, Arkansas.

She was last seen alive on Monday, October 31.

Bush, a mother of three, was 31 weeks pregnant at the time of her disappearance.
She was engaged to be married to her fiancé, Josh Willis.

Amber Waterman and Jamie Waterman Age

Amber Waterman,42, and her husband Jamie Waterman are 42 years old.

Amber Waterman – how dressed up to meet Ashley Bush, then kidnapped and murdered her

According to a federal court affidavit, Amber Waterman called herself “Lucy” online to meet Bush.
She allegedly convinced Bush that he would take her to a job interview.

Sometime between Monday and Wednesday, Waterman drove Bush from Maysville, Arkansas, to Pineville, Missouri, resulting in her death, prosecutors said.

Arkansas authorities said Bush died of a gunshot wound.

During a news conference Thursday, Arkansas authorities declined to provide more information about how the baby died or where her body was found.

The federal complaint alleges that Jamie Waterman helped his wife hide Bush’s body in a tarp, burn it in a fire behind her home, and then dispose of the remains.

On November 1, the Benton County Arkansas Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that Bush “was last seen in the passenger seat of an older model tan pickup truck on the afternoon of October 31, 2022 at the intersection from Highway 72 and Highway 43 in Maysville Arkansas.”

The driver was a white female in her 40s with shoulder-length brown hair who she said her name was ‘Lucy,'” authorities said. “Ashley met Lucy online when she was looking for a job from home.”

“She has not been seen or heard from since,” the post continued.

Authorities, including the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri and the Benton County Sheriff’s Office in Arkansas, provided a tragic update on the case Thursday, noting the FBI’s involvement in the investigation.

Investigators said they executed a search warrant on Laughlin Ridge Road in Pineville, Missouri and found human remains.

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