Amari Quarles Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Drowns trying to rescue his brother from the Sacramento River


Amari Quarles Wiki – Amari Quarles Biography

Amari Quarles, 15, a youngster from California is being honored as a hero after drowning while attempting to save his younger sibling.

Mr. Amari died on Sunday during a trip to Sacramento’s Sand Cove Park, according to KCRA 3. According to the publication, Amari ran into the water to assist his 13-year-old brother, Elijah, who was battling after a football. Yolanda leaped in to assist the couple but was swiftly overwhelmed by the river. “It got really bad really fast,” she recounted. It was straight thrashing you back and forth back and forth. “You can’t fight. You can’t go against the flow…It pulls you down.” I looked down at him and I looked up and I felt his hands drop,” the grieving mother added of the moment she lost her older son. “Something came and pulled him away from me and he was gone.”

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Amari Quarles was 15 years old.

Amari Quarles Death: Drowns while attempting to save his brother from the Sacramento River

Amari’s body was found by rescue crews a few hours later, according to The Sacramento Bee. “My son died a hero I’m so proud of what he did,” the teen’s father, James Sashe, wrote on the family’s GoFundMe page on Monday. He added that the family had recently moved to California to be near family. Amari was reportedly a top student at Natomas High School, which also confirmed his death in a statement on Facebook.

The Sacramento Fire Department’s Capt. Justin Sylvia told KCRA 3 that the river’s frigid, fast-flowing conditions were difficult even for the rescue team. “It gets very tiring when you’re out there searching for someone and trying to swim in that current,” he stated. “You could be walking out and it could be up to your knees — water level-wise — and you could just fall right in after that.” “That river belongs to no one,” James added.
“If it’s difficult for them, how do ordinary people manage?”

So far, the GoFundMe campaign for funeral and burial expenses has raised almost $15,000 of its $50,000 goal.

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