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Amanda Curry died on Thursday, May 11, 2023, leaving her family, friends, and loved ones in complete shock and sadness. Amanda Curry worked as a bartender at High Tide in Maine, the United States.

Amanda Curry was a wonderful mother who adored her children. She was always there to encourage and support them in anything they did. Her children were her entire world, and she would go to any length to ensure their happiness. Amanda was a role model for many parents, and her love and dedication to her children were unparalleled.

Amanda Curry, a bartender at High Tide, was always cheerful. She was genuinely enthusiastic about her job and loved interacting with people. Her customers adored her, and she was recognized for brightening their day with her kindness and cheerful demeanor. She was a wonderful jewel in the service sector because she was industrious, respectful, kind, generous, and attentive.

Amanda Curry Age

Amanda Curry’s age was not mentioned.

Cause of Death

At the time of publishing, the circumstances surrounding Amanda Curry’s death, including her exact cause of death, were unknown. What we do know for certain is the significant impact she had on the lives of those around her. Her premature demise has left a void in the hearts of everyone who knew and loved her.

Amanda was also a wonderful friend to those who knew her. She had a contagious attitude that made her personable, and she was always willing to provide a hand when someone needed it. She was well-known for being an excellent listener and providing sound advice. Her friends considered themselves fortunate to have had her in their life, and they will remember the memories and moments they shared with her forever. She was an incredible lady who touched so many people’s lives with her generosity, love, and bright personality. Amanda Curry will be remembered for her contagious smile and compassionate spirit, and we know she is watching over her family and friends. Amanda Curry, rest in peace; you will be missed.

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Sierra Cyr commented, “I wish I could say that this helped me find something to make it better, but all of the loss this year has been shocking.” We lost a very fantastic Mother, Friend, and Total Bombshell yesterday. Amanda Curry, we’ll miss you terribly, but you’ve earned a front-row seat to all the adventures and grandstanding moments of the people you love and who love you. Until the next time we meet. I adore you, baby.

Michael Watters commented, “I am shocked and saddened to learn of your death.” Mrs. Amanda Curry I’ll never forget growing up and going to school with you! Baseball games at the Dover fairgrounds where we got to watch our fathers play. All of my love and prayers to your family and your two daughters. Rest in peace my dear friend.

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