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On May 24, Alyssa Konkel, 26, of Illinois was working out when she decided to go for a run on a normal piece of equipment. The 26-year-old, clothed in a pink shirt and black trousers, is shown in a viral film tripping on the track and desperately clinging to the handles. As the machine continued to roll, it seized her leggings and yanked them down to her ankles, exposing her rear before sending Alyssa spinning over the back.

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Alyssa Konkel is 26 years old.

Alyssa Konkel gym incident

‘I felt so humiliated,’ Alyssa added. I had to go right away. I was running at the gym when my trousers were sucked off!’ Alyssa said: ‘The treadmill was on 10 so it was going pretty fast. ‘It was only when I watched the video back that I saw my shoelace was untied and I tripped and fell. I jumped up, like up like a boss, immediately to pull my pants up because my butt was showing and that’s where I let go. ‘I hurt myself my face, lip, knees, and shins are skinned.’Thankfully the gym was not too busy but the lady who ran back came back to me and asked if I was okay.’

Alyssa shared the video on her social media channels. The full video shows her running quickly on the treadmill for several seconds. She appears to trip over and lose her balance for a split second. Despite her best efforts to steady herself, arms out, she struggles to stand up straight and reaches out to grasp the handles on the machine. The bottom of Alyssa’s legs makes contact with the end of the machine, which she is unable to stop at the moment. Her sportswear is suddenly pulled down by the rollers on the machine, leaving her helpless to do anything while her arms are still desperately clinging to the handles.

Finally, she lets go and appears to land headfirst onto the moving treadmill with her arms by her side. Alyssa, defeated, is thrown off by the machine and collects herself on the ground. She said: ‘This also happened when I was 10 years old and skinned my chin, so now I’m really afraid of treadmills.’

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