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On July 2, the suspect, identified only as Alvaro, was apprehended at the couple’s home in Puebla and taken into custody.

The 32-year-old man is accused of killing his wife María Montserrat Animas Montiel, a mother of five children, on June 29 while she was under the influence of a prohibited narcotic. The suspect, identified only as Álvaro, was captured at the couple’s home in Puebla on July 2 and taken into custody. The police accuse the 32-year-old of murdering his wife – mother of five children – on June 29 under the influence of a prohibited substance. During interrogation, he allegedly told officers that Santa Muerte (Our Lady of Holy Death) and the devil had ordered him to commit the crime. After the murder, Álvaro allegedly dismembered the body of the victim María Montserrat Animas Montiel and placed her remains in plastic bags.

He allegedly dumped some of them into a ravine behind the house and kept the rest on the property. According to sources close to the case, he confessed to eating part of her wife’s brain in tacos and using part of her mangled skull as an ashtray. Two days after the murder, he allegedly called one of his stepdaughters to confess to his crime. The victim’s mother, María Alicia Montiel Serran, told local media: “She told one of her daughters to come to look for her mother because ‘I already killed her and put her in bags.'” The grieving María Alicia added that Álvaro dismembered the body of the 38-year-old victim “with a machete, a chisel, and a hammer.” She continued: “I called him crying, asking why he did that to her if she wasn’t a bad person.” According to María Alicia, the suspect confessed: “I killed her, cut her into pieces and threw her into the ravine in bags.” She added that he claimed: “She did not suffer.”

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Alvaro Age

Alvaro is 32 years old.

Who was Maria Montserrat Animas Montiel’s?

María Montserrat married Álvaro less than a year ago. She had five daughters, ages 12 to 23. The two minors lived with the couple and, according to their grandmother, they were subjected to violence and sexual harassment by Álvaro. María Alicia said: ‘He spied on them while they bathed, and my daughter, well, you know that out of love, she was always on his side.’ The victim’s family says that Álvaro, a builder, is addicted to alcohol and drugs and was often violent towards his wife. The family says the couple often posted about his worship of Santa Muerte on social media. According to reports, the police found a black magic altar in his house. María Alicia said: ‘Drugs, I used them, and I snorted cocaine and everything. Well, I think he had mental problems because to do something like that… ‘He adored the one below, well I know because he had Santa Muerte tattooed on one of her colorful legs.’

The victim’s family has not yet been able to bury María Montserrat because the police are still looking for some of her remains, which also need a DNA test. Her mother demanded: ‘Give her to me so she can bury her and give her a proper send-off. That’s what I want, and don’t let him go free because I don’t think any mother would want her daughter sent to her in pieces. I demand justice. The Puebla Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the case.

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