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New images of the Ukrainian model Alona Savchenko, 24, who was hacked to death inside an upmarket condominium in Thailand have emerged, indicating that she dressed as a pin-up model and was reportedly influenced by Marilyn Monroe.

Alona Savchenko was found severely slashed and dismembered with a saw in Bangkok’s Bang Kho Laem area on Monday, prompting the arrest of her Polish businessman lover, Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow. Lagoda-Filippow, 25, was captured mere hours later while attempting to cross the border into Cambodia after allegedly asking a cab driver to help him dispose of his girlfriend’s body using Google Translate, according to ViralPress.


Alona Savchenko was 24 years old.

Who was Alona Savchenko?

Lagoda-Filippow owns a London-registered advertising firm, and Savchenko is said to have done photoshoots for him and others. Savchenko was photographed in a number of gorgeous locations in London, Rome, Valencia, and Istanbul in the months preceding her terrible murder. In her numerous sexy selfies, the young model flaunts her flowing blond curls and hourglass body. One of the photographs depicts Savchenko in a plunging lilac gown in front of a wall of pink blooms. In another, she is dressed in a strapless top and has a dreamy expression on her face, which is framed by soft curls reminiscent of her movie star idol Marilyn Monroe.

When she wasn’t starring in photoshoots and jet-setting around the world, Savchenko worked as a marketing specialist for an Estonian corporation, according to her LinkedIn page. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature from Zaporizhzhia National University in Ukraine last year and completed a three-month course in international business at the Guangdong University of Finance in China. Savchenko formerly worked as a social media content creator and an English tutor.

Thai authorities have not provided any information about the model’s gruesome murder. They claimed Savchenko and her partner checked into the high-end Bangkok condominium on April 29, and surveillance video showed them smiling and conversing in the corridor as recently as last Friday. Lagoda-Filippow was caught on CCTV leaving the building with luggage without Savchenko on Monday afternoon. Following a tip from a taxi driver hired by Lagoda-Filippow, building personnel, and police entered the couple’s flat on the 32nd floor and discovered the 24-year-old Savchenko slain on a bed beneath a blanket.

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In a luxurious Bangkok flat, a British-based businessman “hacked his Ukrainian girlfriend to death

The victim, whose face was covered in blood, was allegedly stabbed in the chest and nearly decapitated. Her hand had likewise been severed at the wrist. A bloodstained saw was discovered near the victim’s body by police. Surachai Sabaibang, Lagoda-Filippow’s cabbie, told detectives that the Polish national asked him to take him to a casino, then used the Google Translate function on his phone to ask him to assist cut up his girlfriend’s body for $44.

The driver dropped off his passenger at a hotel in the Sathorn neighborhood and phoned the police. Later that night, ranger officers were visiting Rong Klua market in the Aranyaprathet district near the Cambodian border, about 135 miles from Bangkok, when one of their dogs, a Labrador puppy named Judy, went up to smell a foreigner seated on a stone table next to a tourism agency.

Suspect Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow Arrested – Alona Savchenko Murder Case

According to Police Capt. Thavorn Boonpeng and his colleagues recognized the Caucasian man from a photo released by immigration officials as part of the quest for Lagoda-Filippow. He was ready to board a minivan bound for neighboring Cambodia when he was detained, according to authorities.

The rangers escorted Lagoda-Filippow to their camp for questioning, but he refused to answer their questions. They then allegedly inspected his luggage and discovered a passport belonging to Savchenko. Lt. Col. Pongpun Phonharn of the Bangkok Police Department described the suspect as “very calm” at the time of his late-night arrest. He drank coffee as usual in his cell and began exercising as if it were his normal morning routine.” “He didn’t say anything,” he explained.

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