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Allyn Michelle Sandridge and William Sandridge Wiki – Biography

A former special education teacher, Allyn Michelle Sandridge, and her husband William Sandridge were sentenced to federal prison in Georgia this week for exchanging text messages containing images of child sexual abuse and trying to hide the messages on her phone. U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Buchanan announced the sentence in a statement to PEOPLE on Wednesday, saying that William Sandridge and Allyn Michelle Sandridge, both 42, had pleaded guilty to their individual charges earlier this summer. William pleaded guilty to distributing a visual depiction of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct and received a prison sentence of seven years and three months on Wednesday, followed by a life sentence on supervised release. Allyn, the former school teacher, pleaded guilty to possession of a visual depiction of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct and commission of a felony and received a sentence of one year and six months followed by life on supervised release.

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Allyn Michelle Sandridge, 42, and William Sandridge, 42, years old.

Investigation Report

Authorities said the Calhoun, Georgia, couple’s crimes began in 2017 when William began sending text messages to his wife “detailing his sexual fantasies about prepubescent children,” according to Buchanan, the district attorney. “Some of the messages contained images of children engaging in sexually explicit conduct,” the district attorney’s news release said. Authorities said Allyn deleted the sexually explicit images “at the direction of William Sandridge” in an effort to protect her husband. But in late December of last year, authorities raided the couple’s home based on a tip from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s office. Inside, authorities discovered “multiple cell phones and a desktop computer loaded with graphic images of child sexual abuse.” Allyn soon confessed that she had been receiving text messages from William and that she attempted to hide the activity from her by periodically deleting the explicit messages, the district attorney said. “By sharing images depicting the sexual violation of minors, the defendants re-victimized children whose lives have been forever altered by this abuse,” Buchanan said. “The conduct in this case is especially egregious given that one of the defendants, a school teacher, held a position of trust in the community.”

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