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Allan Meehan,35, who a court says is the national chairman of the Comanchero motorcycle gang, will be extradited to Sydney today after being arrested on the Gold Coast. What is the cause of arrested read more

He is expected to be charged with violating a Serious Crime Prevention Order (SCPO), a tactic police have employed to restrict the activities and movements of his targets. Mr. Meehan is under one of the strictest SCPOs issued in New South Wales, which prohibits him from associating with 34 suspected criminal figures and requires him to report any change of address to the police.

The order was made by consent in the New South Wales Supreme Court in November. Detective Superintendent Grant Taylor said Meehan will be alleged to have fled NSW “almost immediately after that order was made”. We will allege that he violated that order on four separate occasions relating to where he resides, or his location, and his use of encrypted communication applications.


Allan Meehan is 35 years old.

Allan Meehan arrives in Sydney after being arrested

Meehan was driven from Southport Watch House this morning to board a flight to Sydney. He was arrested yesterday at a house in Benowa Waters in Queensland after police issued a warrant south of the border. Southport Magistrates Court heard yesterday that he and his family had moved to Queensland after Meehan was informed of rumors of a $3 million bounty on his head. Meehan’s attorney, Angus Edwards, told the court that his client had moved “for his own safety” from him.

He said Mr Meehan “made a mistake” by not notifying the police of his new address, as he believed the control order only applied to him while he was in New South Wales. He thought he wasn’t committing a crime,” Edwards said. NSW Police specifically spoke to my client and was told he had a $3 million hit to the head.”Detective Superintendent Taylor today disputed that officers spoke to Mr. Meehan about a $3 million reward, but said police interacted with the bikes “when we determined we need to inform them of a particular risk.”

However, he said that being in an outlaw motorcycle group was “a risk in itself,” something the members are well aware of. To be the national president of one of the largest outlaw motorcycle groups in this country, you’re throwing yourself into any kind of potential problem,” the senior detective said. “However, we will remain steadfast that the reason that individual left Sydney was in relation to…plans to try to circumvent that [SCPO].” The Crime Group Squad commander said police were considering applying for SCPOs against all national presidents of outlaw biker gangs in New South Wales. And there are several of them,” he said.

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