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Allan Kassenoff quit his job as a patent attorney in June after TikToker Robbie Harvey, an advocate for women in abusive relationships, uploaded more than 20 videos that Catherine Kassenoff shared on Facebook before she reportedly died by suicide. assisted in Switzerland. While Catherine’s post, along with a suicide note, were removed from Facebook, her claims were broadcast to Harvey’s more than 3 million followers, which Kassenoff said led to his financial and emotional ruin, according to the lawsuit filed last Tuesday in the District of Florida court. “With a few clicks of his keyboard and a video uploaded to TikTok, defendant Robert Harvey financially destroyed plaintiff Allan Kassenoff,” his attorneys wrote. “And, worse still, he irreparably harmed Mr. Kassenoff’s three young children… by forcing them to live a life in which their identities will be forever associated with a bitter, ugly divorce and their mother’s suicide.”

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Man sues TikToker who uploaded NY ex’s videos alleging domestic abuse before her suicide

The Kassenoffs received national attention after Harvey uploaded the Catherine videos, where the former federal prosecutor accused her ex-husband not only of domestic abuse, but also of “predatory” legal practices that kept her away from her three daughters in 2018. Catherine, who also suffered from terminal cancer, ultimately called him a villain in their contentious custody battle before her alleged suicide, and the videos were also sent to several judges, lawyers and friends. Although a court found no evidence of domestic violence and granted Kassenoff sole custody of his children, his employer, Greenberg Traurig, suspended him amid a renewed investigation into the case. Kassenoff resigned days after the investigation began. Kassenoff claimed in the lawsuit that Harvey’s supporters “bombarded” the law firm with more than 7,000 calls and 500 emails accusing him of the reason his ex-wife was dead. Kassenoff also accused Harvey of spreading defamatory information by allegedly editing Catherine’s videos, but the lawsuit does not indicate how the videos were allegedly altered.

He also said Harvey showed a “reckless disregard for the truth” through his comment on Catherine’s videos, where the influencer was dismayed that Kassenoff was granted custody of his children. It was paired with a video showing him yelling at children, and one daughter says she doesn’t “want to go with that crazy guy.” The father of three ultimately claimed that Harvey’s “sole motivation for intentionally destroying four lives was one thing and one thing only: money.” Along with the $150 million lawsuit, Kassenoff is asking the court to order the removal of all of Catherine’s videos on Harvey’s TikTok account, as well as an injunction to prohibit the influencer from posting anything else about Kassenoff. Harvey’s attorney, Jonathan Davidoff, said in a statement that the lawsuit was nothing more than “spiteful revenge” and an attempt to “rewrite history” with Kassenoff as the victim. Davidoff added that the lawsuit clearly violated Florida’s anti-Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) statute, which prohibits lawsuits brought against people exercising their right to free speech.

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