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Alicia Navarro, An Arizona girl who disappeared overnight days before her 15th birthday four years ago was found safe several states away this week, authorities announced Wednesday.

Alicia Navarro, now 18, walked into a police department in a small Montana town 40 from the Canadian border and identified herself as the teenager who was reported missing in September 2019, Glendale police said.“Alicia Navarro has been located,” Glendale public safety communications manager José Santiago said during a news conference. “She is for all intents and purposes safe, she is for all intents and purposes healthy and she is for all intents and purposes happy.” The teen, who was described as autistic but high-functioning in her missing person report, left her Glendale home on the night of Sept. 15, 2019, at just 14 years old.Her parents, who were asleep when she left the house, found a handwritten note from her daughter that read: “I ran away. I will be back. I swear. I’m sorry.” the next day, according to KTAR News.They never heard from her again, until this week. Navarro walked into the local police station in Montana alone and asked to be taken off the missing children’s list.

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Alicia Navarro Age

Alicia Navarro is 18 years old.

Girl missing for FOUR YEARS found after walking into police station

The department alerted Glendale police, who confirmed her identity and contacted the teen’s family to say they had found her safe. Navarro was then greeted by her mother, who never stopped looking for her daughter, in an emotional reunion, police said. The teen wanted to make sure her mother knew she was okay and she was very apologetic for the pain her mother suffered without knowing where she was for the last four years or even if she was still alive, Santiago said.Her mother, Jessica Nuñez, called her daughter’s discovery four years after her disappearance a miracle in a video she posted on Facebook.“For everyone who has lost loved ones, I want you to use this case as an example,” she said. “Miracles exist. Never lose hope and always fight.” Nuñez said that she does not have details about the disappearance of her daughter, but she said that “the important thing is that she is alive.”

Glendale police said they are investigating how the teen got to Montana and who she has been staying with for the past four years. many questions remain unanswered. They said Navarro ran away from her home of her own free will and has been cooperating with her investigation. She also told police that no one had hurt her and that she appeared to be healthy. Currently, the girl remains in Montana and can come and go as she pleases. She asks for privacy so she can get on with her life, Santiago said.“We can only imagine what she is going through, mentally, emotionally, as well as her family, and as much as we would like to say this is the end, it is probably just the beginning of where this investigation will go,” Glendale. Police Lt. Scott Waite said.Police continue to investigate the circumstances of Navarro’s disappearance and the four years that followed.

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