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Alicia Moore, 24, a Florida woman was arrested and may face additional charges after leaving her two young children unattended in her car in a shopping mall parking lot as she went inside on an accused shoplifting spree, only to have her vehicle explode into flames.

Alicia Moore left the children, who couldn’t care for themselves, in the car as she walked into the store with an unidentified male. The pair is accused of browsing the stores at Oviedo Mall in Oviedo, northeast of Orlando, and stealing stuff as they went. However, the pair were taken off guard when Moore’s car, which police later discovered was a stolen vehicle, was parked and suddenly ignited, quickly engulfing the couple outside the Dillard’s department store.

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Alicia Moore is 24 years old.

Alicia Moore Arrested

Officials believe Moore left a lighter or a set of matches inside the car, which the youngsters used to start the fire. Moore did not resurface outside the mall for about an hour after leaving her two and four-year-old children inside the vehicle. Oviedo city officials have published video footage of the fire captured by a nearby parked Tesla car. The video shows the fire starting inside the car and swiftly spreading, breaking the windows and erupting in tremendous flames.

The two little children inside were able to escape owing to the help of surrounding customers who raced to their rescue. Both youngsters were injured and rushed to the hospital after the fire, with one sustaining first-degree burns to the face and ears. Moore is accused of dropping off the stolen items as she departed the mall. Later, she was arrested and charged with child neglect and arson

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