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Alicia Calderon, 37, was sentenced Tuesday for the “sadistic torture” of the 24-year-old after she tricked the girl into living with her in a trailer in Wylie, north of Dallas, prosecutors said. “Calderon tricked the victim into living with her and then controlled her with unimaginable torture,” Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis said after her sentencing. She “severely burned the arms, chest and back of her victim by pouring a pot of boiling water on him. He also deprived her of food, locked her in a dog cage, and cut off her communication with the outside world.” The brutalization began in 2019 when the victim, identified by FOX4 as Simone Valdez-Junkin, moved into her abuser’s family’s mobile home to help care for Calderon’s children and an elderly disabled woman in exchange for free rent, prosecutors said. After several months, Calderon began taking the victim’s phone, restricting her food, and eventually locked her in a room with the elderly woman.

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Alicia Calderon is 37 years old.

Investigation Report

The torture intensified when the victim, who by then had lost more than half her body weight, was caught stealing some of Calderon’s food in July 2021, prosecutors said. Calderón locked the victim in the dog cage and poured boiling water over her legs as punishment. Then, several months later, the abuser again doused the victim’s arms, chest, and back with boiling water. The young woman suffered severe burns, so Calderón refused to allow her to seek treatment, according to prosecutors. The victim’s family alerted authorities in February of last year after the young woman managed to access a phone and sent her stepfather a Facebook message asking for help. When authorities responded to the trailer, they found the malnourished victim weighing only 68 pounds. She was also covered in second- and third-degree burns and her head had been shaved, prosecutors said. “It took me about a week and a half before I could actually register that that was my daughter,” the victim’s mother, Farrah Junkin, told FOX4.

“She was just skin. Literally her skin hanging from her bones.” The young woman, who underwent multiple surgeries and skin grafts, spent six weeks recovering in hospital after her rescue. Meanwhile, the elderly relative’s condition had deteriorated so much that responding officers initially thought she was dead. During Calderon’s sentencing, prosecutors said the abuser had stolen nearly $78,000 from the disabled woman through Social Security checks and inheritance. Calderon wasted the stolen money on tattoo shops, a party rental place and new tires, prosecutors said. The relationship between Calderón and the elderly woman was not immediately clear. The condition of the elderly victim was also unknown. Calderon was sentenced after a jury found her guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon causing serious bodily injury to a member of her family. Prosecutors allege that her husband, Joseph Calderon, was also involved and has since charged him with exploitation and elder abuse. He is free on bail awaiting trial.

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