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Alfie Aiello-Da Cruz, An 11-year-old boy has died after being thrown from a car window when his father crashed leaving a highway on his way home from church, according to an investigation. Alfie Aiello-Da Cruz suffered fatal injuries when the red Nissan Qashqai he was traveling in crashed into a curb and overturned near Winchester in Hampshire on the night of Boxing Day 2021. The boy had been with his family making the 18-mile drive from Basingstoke to his Fair Oak home when the incident occurred. An inquest at Winchester Coroner’s Court heard that it was foggy when the car, which was being driven by Alfie’s father, hit the roadside barrier at junction 11 of the M3 after a “late manoeuvre”. A coroner has concluded that Alfie, who was in the back seat and wearing a seatbelt, was “ejected” through a window and died instantly after sustaining a blow to the head.

The young man was sitting in the car’s back seat and traveling with his mother Anna Aiello, his father Marco Da Cruz and his younger sister Chloe Aiello Da Cruz when the accident occurred. Mr. Da Cruz suffered serious injuries in the accident, while Ms. Aiello and Chloe were left with minor injuries, according to police at the time. Police accident investigator PC Robert Giles told the hearing: “The Nissan Qashqai, driven by Mr Da Cruz, passed through the mouth of the exit ramp and onto the edge of the grass. “The car was thrown into the air after hitting the edge. Alfie was partially ejected from the vehicle while rolling.” The investigation heard that Mr. Da Cruz cannot remember the accident. However, the court heard that a late maneuver and poor road conditions led to the fatal accident.

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Alfie Aiello-Da Cruz was 11 years old.

Killed when thrown out car window after dad crashed driving home from church

The investigation heard that there was intermittent fog which may have had an effect on driving conditions. PC Giles said: “It is likely that the fog distorted Mr Cruz’s perception of distance.” “The fog wasn’t thick enough to obscure traffic signs, but it probably made the junction seem farther away. ‘No defects were identified in the vehicle.’ He said the accident was likely caused by a “late maneuver on the turf.” The coroner for the area, Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp, told the court: “Distance and time could have been affected by patchy fog. ‘The car hit the grass first, then hit the barrier, causing the car to roll. Alfie was outside the car when he rolled. He was taken to the hospital, but sadly he was pronounced dead that night. Mrs. Rhodes-Kemp told Alfie’s father that death was quick due to the nature of the injury her son had sustained.

She said: ‘Alfie’s suffering would have been limited because he would have died immediately. “It’s a tragic accident that happened here and resulted in Alfie’s death.” Alfies devastated the parents of both attended the inquest. The coroner said: “The psychiatric impact of this on both parents has been catastrophic.” He came to the conclusion that Alfie had died due to a traffic accident. Speaking about the accident in 2021, the family said: ‘Our beloved Alfie. We were so lucky to have you in our lives, bringing us brightness, joy, love and happiness. “Now that you have been taken from us so suddenly and at such a young age, at just 11 years old, we will miss you forever. ‘We will carry your love in our hearts throughout our lives, until our last breath, and we hope that one day we will meet in God’s heaven to give you the last hug we wished we had given you before you left. ‘We love you and always will. Anna, Marcos and Chloe.

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