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Alexis Elling and Bradley Weyaus Wiki – Alexis Elling and Bradley Weyaus Bio

Alexis Elling and Bradley Weyaus, a Minnesota couple, have been charged with second-degree murder for killing a man after giving him a fatal dose of a mixture of methamphetamine and fentanyl. The victim’s remains were hidden in a handbag. Bradley Allen Weyaus and Alexis Elling allegedly killed a man they thought was Elling’s brother. The amputated human foot in the bag was discovered by a maintenance crew clearing roadside rubbish on Monday, March 20. While Weyaus was charged on Thursday, March 23, in the death of 25-year-old Rodney Pendegayosh Jr, his partner Elling was charged with aiding a criminal and also acting as an accomplice, Law & Crime reported.

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Alexis Elling, 22, and Bradley Weyaus 21 years old.

Alexis Elling and Bradley Weyaus charged with murder, Investigation Report

Mille Lacs County Sheriff Kyle Burton said that in his 23 years of service as a police officer, this murder case is one of the most unusual. At a press conference on Tuesday, March 28, Burton said: “This is all strange. This body was moved to various locations over a period of possibly up to a week before the discovery was made.” The sheriff said other arrests are possible. if. Maintenance workers cleaning up trash on a road in Minnesota found the tote bag and tried to move it to carry it, but the bag wouldn’t budge. “It’s too heavy. So they hooked a chain to one of the handles and tied it to their truck. They tried to pull it out, but it broke the handle,” the sheriff said. Workers then checked inside the bag and “saw what they believed to be a severed human foot,” the sheriff added. The crew then closed the bag and called the police, according to Law and Crime.

On further search, police found the suspects as surveillance video from a few days before the body was found showed them taking the bag out of an apartment and loading it into a vehicle on Sunday, March 19. According to the sheriff, the couple killed the man on Jan. 10 after Weyaus sold the suspect’s brother a fatal mix of methamphetamine and fentanyl. “We cannot confirm that he was 100% involved in this, but his name was mentioned by witnesses. We believe, based on the evidence we have gathered so far and the interviews we have conducted, that this was the reason he was targeted.” Burton said.

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