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Alexee Trevizo, an adolescent who arrived at a New Mexico hospital with lower back discomfort and allegedly locked herself in a restroom after learning she was pregnant now faces charges in her newborn son’s murder.

The Artesia Police Department arrested Alexee Trevizo on Thursday in connection with the Jan. 27 incident at Artesia General Hospital, when the defendant’s infant was discovered unresponsive in a garbage bag inside a bathroom. According to authorities, an autopsy revealed that the baby was the victim of a homicide caused by a lack of oxygen. On March 28, 2023, Artesia Police Department officers delivered case facts to the 5th Judicial District Attorney’s Office. On May 10, 2023, a criminal complaint was approved, and formal charges were filed against the perpetrator and the victim’s mother,” police stated.

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Alexee Trevizo is 19 years old.

After a baby was discovered in a hospital trash can, an Artesia woman was charged with murder

Trevizo is accused of first-degree murder “or alternatively” intentional abuse of a child ending in death, as well as tampering with evidence, according to authorities. [T]he above-named defendant(s) did: Kill John Doe, a human being, without lawful justification or excuse,” according to the complaint, alleging that Trevizo “knowingly, intentionally, or negligently, and without justifiable cause, cause or permit John Doe, a child, to be placed in a situation that endangered or might have endangered John Doe’s life or health, and the abuse resulted in John Doe’s death.”

The defendant also “destroy, change, hide, place, or fabricate physical evidence, namely [John Doe], with the intent to prevent the apprehension, prosecution, or conviction,” according to the lawsuit. Back in January, a cleaner at the hospital discovered a garbage bag that was “heavier than usual” and blood in the restroom, according to KOB 4. The defendant had previously presented to the clinic with back pain, and medical personnel informed her that she was pregnant. Trevizo then allegedly isolated herself in the bathroom for an extended amount of time, gave birth, and discarded the child in a garbage bag.

Alexee Trevizo Arrested, Investigation Report

Trevizo allegedly said that because the baby wasn’t breathing when he was born, she panicked and tossed him away. Authorities claim that the baby boy was born alive and died as a result of being placed in the bag after months of investigation and the results of an autopsy on March 28. According to defense attorney Gary C. Mitchell, this is a “horrific case of a young person who goes for help to the right place — the place in that community she should be at.”

She went there for help, and this is the end result?” the attorney inquired. According to Eddy County Detention Centre documents examined by Law&Crime, Trevizo was detained on Thursday at 5:36 p.m. and has no bond. Prosecutors were scheduled to argue in favor of the suspect’s extended detention on Friday. Another adolescent mother in New Mexico was recently convicted of attempted murder for placing her newborn boy in a plastic bag and discarding the baby in a dumpster. In one case, the defendant told detectives she didn’t know what to do and was panicked after discovering she was pregnant the day before.

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