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Alexander Tyler, a white Louisiana police officer, was arrested for shooting and killing an unarmed black man who was trying to flee during a domestic call, authorities said.

After reviewing the officers’ body camera footage, state police charged Shreveport officer Alexander with negligent homicide in the Feb. 3 death of 43-year-old Alonzo Bagley. Tyler’s arrest came the same day that Louisiana State Police released graphic body camera video of the shooting along with audio from the 911 recording reporting the domestic disturbance. Two officers responded to the disturbance around 10:50 p.m. on February 3 at Villa Norte Apartments in Shreveport. On the 911 call, a person who identified themselves as Bagley’s wife said her husband was “loaded on something” and threatened her and her daughter after coming home “angry and acting like a fool.

Tyler and another unidentified officer arrived at the apartment, where Bagley answered the door with a glass bottle of brown liquid. Bagley said he had to keep the dog from him, walked around the back of the apartment onto a balcony, jumped to the ground, and fled. The officers chased him. Colonel Lamar Davis, superintendent of the Louisiana State Police, earlier said that as Tyler rounded the corner of the building, he saw Bagley and fired a single shot, hitting the man in the chest.

Alexander Tyler Age

Alexander Tyler is 23 years old.

Police officer arrested in fatal shooting of Alonzo Bagley, police say

In the newly released footage, Bagley can be heard moaning, “Oh, God, you shot me,” as he collapses to the ground with his arms raised, bleeding profusely. The officers immediately begin administering first aid, with an audibly distressed Tyler repeating the words: “No, no, no, no no, man, no.” Tyler is then heard sobbing as his colleague, who is in charge of life-saving measures, tries to reassure him, saying, “You’re okay.”

No man! Come on, dude! Stay with me, stay with me, man!” Tyler exclaims as he presses on Bagley’s wound to try to stop the bleeding. Later, the other officer instructs Tyler to run to the front of the building and point his flashlight at the responding paramedics. The policeman continues to tend to Bagley, but it is clear from the recording that he is becoming increasingly frantic as Bagley’s condition deteriorates.

“Hey look at me! Look at me! Look at me!” the officer yells. “Wake up! Wake up! Look at me! … Hey, answer! Come on!”

After the shooting, Tyler made “multiple statements alleging that the suspect approached him and could not see his hands,” according to state police court documents. Investigators found no weapons in Bagley’s possession. After his arrest, Tyler was released on $25,000 bond pending his April 3 arraignment. Tyler’s lawyer, J. Dhu Thompson, spoke to station KSLA outside the Caddo Parish courthouse before Tyler was indicted.

“These are split-second decisions that officers have to make,” Thompson said. “You and I have the benefit of hindsight, we can sit in a comfortable room with a cup of coffee and review this video. That’s not the position that Officer Tyler was in, or any other officer who puts his life on the line every day and finds himself in these types of situations.” Tyler, who has been with the police force since May 2021, is currently on paid administrative leave, Shreveport Police Chief Wayne Smith said Thursday. Smith said that, to his knowledge, Tyler had been involved in a policy violation involving “violence against a suspect,” but did not elaborate.

If he is convicted of negligent homicide, Tyler could face up to five years in prison. Bagley’s relatives filed a $10 million lawsuit against Tyler, accusing him of violating the victim’s constitutional rights.

The deadly force used against Mr. Bagley was unwarranted, unreasonable, excessive, and violated Mr. Bagley’s rights under the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the State of Louisiana,” the lawsuit, which was filed by the wife, says. of Bagley, mother and stepdaughter. The family retained a Louisiana attorney, Ronald Haley, who represented other high-profile clients, including the family of a black motorist who died in 2019 while in state police custody. During a press conference Thursday afternoon with some of Bagley’s relatives, Haley said the fact that Bagley fled from police should not amount to a “death sentence.”

“Fleeing doesn’t mean shooting to kill,” Haley said. “Fleeing doesn’t mean you’re judge, jury, and executioner, and that’s what happened. That’s what happened in this case… and it’s an incident we see all too often in the state. It’s an incident we see all too often in this country.” During the press conference, Bagley’s brother, Xavier Sudds, said he hopes his brother’s death “means something.” I appreciate everyone’s condolences and prayers, but none of it compares to the pain I feel, the pain my mother feels. … That’s going to persist for a while, a long time,” Sudds said.

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