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Alex Talcott, 41, was found stabbed in the neck inside his Durham home early Saturday morning in what has been ruled a homicide, and police say they are investigating whether his attacker acted in self-defense. The shooter had been identified, police said, but no arrests have been made. Talcott was a real estate private equity lawyer in The Granite State who also made a name for himself as a Republican adviser and an adjunct professor at the University of New Hampshire School of Business, according to an interview he gave to Authority magazine in November. In the interview, the legal expert attributed his success to his innate curiosity and his upbringing on Long Island. “I took my thinking about a legal career to third grade, when my state assemblyman from New York visited the class,” Talcott recounted. “He showed us a piece of paper that was the bill he introduced in the legislature to clean up a local pond. “I was the only student who asked for his autograph and I have that invoice signed to this day. It was an “aha” moment about how great things can be done around me.”

Talcott went on to attribute his curiosity to his mother, who often took him and his sisters to the local library, saying his “superpower” was speed reading. “Public education in a prosperous New York suburb surrounded me with a lot of kindness and caring,” the attorney said. “My colleagues were very ambitious and enriched. In college, I met and later married a prestigious high school student. And today we homeschool our three children! After attending Dartmouth College and Notre Dame Law School, Talcott became involved in politics. “I am involved in many civic causes and regularly meet people who are successful in their professional lives and give back to the community,” he said.

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Alex Talcott was 41 years old.

In 2021,

He was named the New Hampshire leader of the Republican National Bar Association. “There was a political event where I put a prominent attendee I recognized in a parking lot to maybe lend money for an affordable housing project,” Talcott recounted. “He became an equity partner in a week.” When asked about his aspirations for the future, Talcott said he wanted to be “Willy Wonka and literally hand over the keys to his children, my students, and other bright-eyed people. I will help them prepare to take control.” He also said that if I had the opportunity to meet a celebrity, “I would like to pray with the Pope for wisdom. “In the small primary state of New Hampshire, the first in the nation, I make it a point to meet with most of the nation’s leading political figures,” he explained. “So I would go sacred with Pope Francis.”

After Talcott’s sudden death, he was remembered by friends as “a staunch supporter of the core values of the Republican Party” who had an “unwavering belief in liberty, free markets, and limited government,” the state director of the section of New Hampshire of the National Republican Party. Bar Association told NBC 10 Boston. Alex was an exceptionally skilled advocate for the rule of law and the importance of fair and honest elections. We will always honor Alex’s selfless dedication and profound contributions to our shared vision of freedom through legal process,” said State Director William O’Brien. “His legacy will undoubtedly inspire future generations within the RNLA and the legal community at large.” His friend Chris Ager also told WMUR that Talcott always wanted to lend a helping hand. “He always wanted to do more and was a great help. He wanted to help,” Ager said. “He came to me many times just asking, ‘Hey Chris, how can I help?’ Without asking me for anything in return. He was that kind of person. We are really going to miss him a lot.”

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