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Aleksander Kurmoyarov and Mandie Miller Wiki – Aleksander Kurmoyarov and Mandie Miller Bio

Aleksander Kurmoyarov and Mandie Miller are now charged with one count of failing to notify police of the death of a child, according to Spokane, Washington-based CBS affiliate KREM. The couple hails from the city of Airway Heights, on the outskirts of Spokane. Police had previously issued a warrant for his arrest on suspicion of abuse homicide.

On Thursday, they were arrested by police in Mitchell, South Dakota. The boyfriend and girlfriend were allegedly on police radar in the area after the Davison County Coroner called the Mitchell Police Department and said they had been contacted by his office. According to MPD, the coroner said he “had been contacted by people who said they were traveling from Washington state to Pine Ridge with their deceased daughter.

The next day, agents located Kurmoyarov and Miller in Mitchell. According to the police department, they were at a residence with a U-Haul parked out front. When they confronted police, the couple allegedly volunteered that the U-Haul contained a coffin with the body of Miller’s “youngest daughter” inside. While the couple was reportedly forthcoming about the contents of the trailer, they were reportedly unclear on when the girl died.


Aleksander Kurmoyarov,28, and Mandie Miller is 33 years old.

Aleksander Kurmoyarov and Mandy Miller arrested for traveling with the body of their 8-year-old daughter in a U-Haul trailer

“During an interview with Kurmoyarov, he stated that the minor had died in Airway Heights shortly before Halloween 2022,” the MPD alleged in a press release. “Miller told investigators that her daughter died on September 10, 2022. Police allege that Kurmoyarov admitted that neither he nor her girlfriend sought medical attention for the girl when she died because “he and Miller wanted to spend more time with her and he was afraid of getting in trouble.”

Miller and Kurmoyarov have been in South Dakota for approximately 4 days and specifically in the City of Mitchell for approximately 2 days,” MPD wrote on Thursday, December 15, 2022. “At no time while in the state of Dakota del Sur, Miller or Kurmoyarov notify the police of the death of the minor. The girl’s name has not yet been revealed. Authorities later learned that the deceased was Miller’s adopted daughter. Her cause of death is currently unknown.

Late Thursday afternoon, search warrants were executed at the couple’s Airway Heights home, according to KREM reporter Kyle Simchuk. An autopsy is likely to be performed on the girl, according to a detective, Simchuk said via Twitter. The investigation is said to be ongoing. A task force including MPD, AHPD, the Spokane County Major Crimes Unit, the Spokane County Coroner’s Department, and the Spokane Tribal Police Department are working on the case.

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