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Aisiah Sinta Dewi Wiki – Aisiah Sinta Dewi Biography

Aisiah Sinta Dewi, 38, a woman died after breaking open the doors to a lift and sliding down the lift shaft at an Indonesian airport.

On April 24, Aisiah Sinta Dewi took the lift to the second floor while on her way to meet her niece at the Kualanamu Airport in Medan’s check-in area. CCTV footage shows the woman entering the airport lift quietly before fumbling with her phone. She was perplexed when the lift came to a halt with the doors facing her still closed. Unaware that another set of doors had opened behind her, she began furiously punching the emergency buttons while attempting to pry open the closed doors.

As she pushed against the closed doors, the woman reportedly called her niece to tell her she was trapped. They soon opened, and the woman walked out, falling into the lift shaft. After losing communication, the woman’s relatives requested that airport personnel look for her, but they were unable to locate her in the airport terminal.

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Aisiah Sinta Dewi was 38 years old.

At Medan Airport, a woman’s body was discovered three days after falling into a lift shaft

She was discovered three days later when a horrible stench emanated from the area near the lift, prompting workers to investigate. After a five-hour recovery operation, her body was discovered trapped at the bottom of the shaft. Her body was taken to Medan Bhayangkara Hospital for a post-mortem examination. According to Dedi Al Subur, the airport’s head of corporate relations, the accident was caused by a lift fault, and Dewi herself attempted to pry the doors open.

Raja Hasibuan, the victim’s brother, stated that there was ‘poor lift security’ and that he did not feel his sister was at fault. We asked for the video from the lift since that’s where we lost contact with her,’ he explained. This is a high-level international airport. How do such safety regulations work? And the response from the employees was woefully inadequate.’ Police in Deli Serdang said they are awaiting the findings of the forensic testing and have begun questioning witnesses. According to reports, the North Sumatra Ombudsman’s office has chastised airport authorities for alleged carelessness and the airport’s alleged sluggish response to her family’s call for assistance.

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