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Ahmad Alameddine was arrested on Tuesday while police conducted a search operation at a South Coogee home over an unrelated matter.

Police have said Alameddine was engaging in an intimate act with a woman when police began the raid shortly before 9 a.m. on Tuesday. Alameddine partner Jade Heffer is currently behind bars on remand after being charged with hindering and multiple weapons charges. In a statement, New South Wales Police said officers were called to a unit in connection with another investigation when Alameddine jumped out of a window. NewsWire understands Alameddine allegedly fled wearing nothing but a T-shirt, jumping a nearby fence as police chased him, but officers lost him just moments after the chase began. He was last seen by officers running around South Coogee without pants while detectives searched the unit. After executing the search warrant, officers pretended to leave while setting up surveillance in case Alameddine returned to the unit. The 33-year-old returned that afternoon before allegedly attempting to escape once again. After a second, brief chase, Alameddine was arrested near Gumara Street around 2 p.m. on four outstanding warrants.

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Ahmad Alameddine is 33 years old.

Charged a month after allegedly fleeing police

Alameddine was charged with four outstanding warrants for felony firearms and one drug offense. He was also charged with five other offences, including acquiring a pistol subject to a firearms prohibition order, carrying a firearm in a manner likely to cause harm to a person or property, acquiring ammunition subject to a prohibition order, hinder/resist a police officer in the performance of his duty. , and entering non-prescribed included lands without legal excuse. He was taken to Maroubra police station, before being taken to a hospital under police guard for treatment for a foot injury. Alameddine will face Waverley Court on Wednesday. The arrest marks the end of a month-long search by Alameddine police for who was allegedly on the run from police in Sydney’s west. Alameddine was believed to be hiding in Sydney’s southwestern suburbs following the Raptor police raid. Officers are looking for him for multiple alleged crimes, including allegations that he disposed of two guns at a neighboring property in June. Alameddine’s partner, Jade Heffer, was charged with obstruction and multiple weapons charges and remains behind bars on remand. Police allege that Ms. Heffer and Alameddine’s sister, Susan, assisted Alameddine in his alleged escape from police in August.

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